Plan to visit the City of Bangor

If you are going to travel to Bangor, then read this write-up. This city is a beautiful city in Maine that caters to some of the most amazing and exciting places to visit. This stunning city of Bangor is located on the Penobscot River in the central part of Maine which is also famous as the “Queen City of the East”. Drop into this city owning lots of things to do in Bangor Maine. You will love the city with a small jewel city that has some of the best lodging options, shopping malls, and excellent diners.

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Take a break from your boring life and visit this happening city with your loved ones to watch out for the Bangor Maine attractions and be involved in tons of activities offered that will give you a great time in this part of the world.

Check out some of the best things to do in Bangor:

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is a must-visit site and one of the best places amongst Bangor, Maine attractions. This site is located just off the coast of Maine packed with the rugged wilderness. This site is one of the best sites to make memories in Bangor, Maine which caters to Mount Desert Island and offers unlimited other smaller islands. Drop into this worth noting park which is the oldest in the East of the Mississippi River and capture some of the top Bangor attractions found in Acadia National Park which includes the famous Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, the Schoodic Peni, and the Cadillac Mountain.

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Collins Center for the Arts

Collins Center for the Arts is a great place to hop into which is located on the University of Maine campus. This famous center is a cultural hub, which is usually sought after by locals and also visitors of Bangor. Visit the Minsky Recital Hall having a capacity of the 1435-seat Hutchins Concert Hall and a popular Bodwell Lounge Area. You will find tons of hosting plays, events such as films, shows, concerts, lectures here where people every weekend make their visit to get entertained here. 

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Hudson Museum

Hudson Museum caters to a wide range of content that cuts across artifacts obtained and historical items from cultures all around the world. This site is one of the best places to visit displaying the permanent exhibits of more than 2,000 Pre-Columbian ceramics. You will find about 900 objects from the Northwest coast area, the famous Maine Indians, and ceramic items which were gotten from other cultures in Native America. 

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The Cole Land Transportation Museum

The Cole Land Transportation Museum is a beautiful museum that includes a wide variety of vehicles like plows, trains, lorries, motorcycles, ships, helicopters, construction vehicles, and others. Come here and read more about each one of them and their related history. You will admire them in real life while spending some time in this amazing museum which is quite large. Come here with your entire family and you will love this place. Take along with you tons of cool photos and receive scavenger hunt lists from the front desk.

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Stephen King’s house

Stephen King is famous and a popular author, for his horror novels who now lives here in Bangor. He offers fans of his work to be allowed to be stopped by and esteemed his lovely home. This house is a private residence that doesn’t allow entering but wandering is allowed so, you can just take a quick walk around the attractive neighborhood. You can also capture some photos of his home and maybe have a conversation with him if he happens to be around.

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