Pool maintenance tips that you should start following today

Everyone loves having a pool in the house backyard but it might be a confusing task when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of the pool. The pool is the best addition to the home renovation that can be used for multiple purposes. You can easily throw a party at your home without worrying about the venue. The pool can be a good place to chill in the summer with family and a place of fitness by swimming. Have a habit of cleaning the pool regularly if you use the pool on the regular basis; consult the expert Pool Cleaning Adelaide Company if the pool has not been cleaned for a longer time.

As it’s a matter of hygiene, always choose professional pool cleaning, pool can be the dirtiest place if you think practically as it is always moist and wet. It may lead to mold and algae growth on the wall corners if it’s not cleaned regularly.

Some useful pool maintenance tips to start today!

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Have a habit of skimming and scrubbing

get your pool skimmed regularly to get rid of leaves and debris. There are also many technologies available in the market that helps to clean the pool and takes out dirt and debris. Scrub every week to clean the spots and check for mold growth at the corner of the pool.

Use filters in the pool

Pool filters help to remove impurities like leaves, dirt, small toys, and all types of unwanted things from the pool. Also, clean the pipes and filter basket every week to ensure the proper cleaning.

Maintain consistent chemical level in the pool

The chemical level is a crucial part of pool maintenance. It’s important to balance the water with proper chemicals or else it will irritate skin and eyes. If you find chemicals expensive, use baking soda instead to keep the pool free from bacteria.

Shock a cloudy pool every season

Shocking means suddenly raising the chlorine level to kill the germs and bacteria.

Use tennis balls to absorb oils

The human body secretes oil while swimming, so, leaving a tennis ball in the pool helps to absorb oils from the pool and enhances the sleek shine of the pool.

Prefer power washing for shiny pool decks

Prefer pressure washing or power washing around the pool decks to get rid of stubborn stains and rust.

Properly winterize to prevent damage

Winterize pool refers to maintaining a pool in the winter season, use proper chemicals while covering the pool. It’s not an issue if you continue to swim in winter by using a pool heater.


As the pool is a lifelong investment, it’s important to maintain it correctly and clean regularly. Give attention to the proper water level of the pool and keep an eye on water colour to detect bacteria growth. The pool is the place where various people baths so, it’s important to have the proper chemical levels to prevent skin diseases. Installing a pool pump can be a good idea to circulate water and maintain good quality water. Take advice from experienced Pool Pump Installation Adelaide professionals to know about pool pumps in detail.