Qualities of a Good Neurologist – Where to find one?

Neurology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study of the nervous system and its issues and disorders. Neuroscientists also focus on the brain and its basic impact on behavior and other cognitive functions. With more than 100 billion neurons constantly moving around in the human body, this branch of science is utterly interesting to study and most preferred by medical students all around the globe. So let’s learn a bit more about this branch of science, the different illnesses and treatments that are available in the market, and how one can find out which medical professional is the best out there or which is the best neurology hospital in India

Neurological facts

A certified neurology specialist deals with the issues or disorders related to the nervous system and so we can surely say that neurology has some strong links in the field of neuroscience as well. This also indicates that there is a major connection in the fields of neurology and psychiatry, with some major physicians explaining the fact that ‘brain’ and ‘mind’ are two different names of the same organ. Many countries have acknowledged this fact, for example, Germany has made it compulsory to study psychiatry in the course of neurological training. It is closely associated with some major surgical disciplines of neurosurgery as well. Some major areas where a neurologist work is:

  • Brain injury and its medicines
  • Bioelectric clinical neurophysiology
  • Palliative medicines
  • Neurocritical care
  • Vascular issues and vascular neurology
  • Behavioral neurology
  • Neuroimaging
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Child neurology 

What is the role of a Neurologist?

A certified neurologist can treat any disease that is affecting the body’s nervous system. These can include:

  • Hypertension (High blood pressure), that is a problem related to the heart but if it affects the blood supply of the brain as well, then it can be considered a neurological problem too.  
  • Infectious diseases like Meningitis can thoroughly affect the functioning of the brain and can even result in brain damage and fatal complications like epilepsy. 
  • Sensory impairment, weakness, and other kinds of peripheral nerve diseases are treated by a neurologist. 

In most, neurology diagnosis procedures, just a physical examination and a small clinical assessment are enough but sometimes further investigation can also take place like blood tests, MRI scans, or nerve/muscle function tests. Patients need to be checked regularly to clarify the exact diagnosis and to manage any longer or bigger problem that has not yet arrived like signs of Parkinson’s disease. 

More than 5000 neurological diseases have been diagnosed and with technology reaching new milestones each day, more accurate and instant developments are happening each day. 

Methods used by a Neurologist

The first step taken by the neurologist to diagnose the problem of a patient starts from a physical examination. Various tests can be followed later like a reflex test, nerve coordination test, muscle strength test, etc. Some common procedures used by neurologists to diagnose a disease are:

  1. Lumbar puncture
  2. Tensilon test
  3. Electroencephalogram test
  4. Imaging scans
  5. Angiography test

Once the disease is diagnosed, a neurologist can recommend a variety of treatments like:

  1. Oral Pills 
  2. Topical creams
  3. Deep brain simulations that are used to send electrical signals to the brain
  4. Surgical interventions to remove brain tumors
  5. Physiotherapy
  6. Rehabilitation

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