Quality Alternatives to RCC Tanks – GRP Tanks by Smartage

Traditional RCC Storage Tanks have been used over decades now. GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) Tanks provide a suitable alternative to these traditional tanks providing a host of benefits while maintaining high quality and long life.

So Builders, Architects, and the construction fraternity are well-advised to keep in mind the features, benefits, and longevity of GRP Tanks while keeping water storage requirements in mind. Smartage Projects is a leading supplier of GRP Tanks in India. Based in Mumbai and with a Pan India presence, Smartage Projects is well placed to handle any water storage requirement for your location. Contact Atul Joshi (Manager – Smartage Projects Private Limited – atul@smartageprojects.com Mobile 8879466096) for more information and site visits and for suggestions on how GRP Tanks can help in water storage.

GRP Water tanks are Corrosion resistant

GRP material is the ideal solution for water storage tanks that need to be weather resistant, it can withstand highly aggressive weather in comparison to RCC tank, metal components do not need to be in contact with water. Internal reinforcements are SS 316 grade used and in external reinforcement, hot-dip galvanised bolts and nuts for assembly are used on the outside. In the RCC tank, Concrete by its very nature absorbs water. This water absorption ultimately results in corrosion of the steel rods, resulting in cracking and tank failure. Over time, baseline cracks result in water contamination.

GRP Tested High Strength Factor vs Alternatives

GRP tank panels are excellent in terms of strength and safety. Safety factors are 6 times the actual hydrostatic water pressure. It offers impressive strength-to-weight load-bearing performance. The high glass-to-resin ratios using technically advanced sheet moulding production method. In RCC tank reinforcement is heavy in weight to achieve its high strength properties. Quality of the concrete is very hard in all grades to control at site and depends on the workmanship

Maintenance of GRP

GRP has a design with 50+ years of life expectancy. As compared with RCC tanks. GRP tank material is maintenance free. In a Concrete tank, reinforcement steel can rust, corrode and need to be re-coated or repainted. GRP tank repair and maintenance can be done externally without interrupting the water supply. GRP tank allows complete drainage of the tank for maintenance, drain panel design to avoid stagnant water. There is relatively lesser maintenance in the GRP tank as compared to the RCC tank. RCC tanks are costly to maintain as more rectification work is required on repaired cracks over time. In RCC, the flat bottom does not allow complete water drainage due to rough internal surfaces & the location of the drain valve above from the bottom of the tank level.


Lightweight Capabilities GRP vs Alternatives

GRP material weight is considerably less compared to RCC concrete tank, 1/10 th weight. The transport cost is dramatically reduced as no heavy lifting equipment is required to on/offload. GRP can be easily manoeuvred from factory to site reducing the overall installation costs significantly. In comparison, in RCC tanks, the weight of RCC column and beams increases as per tank load making it heavier and bulky. GRP Tanks are also more suitable where more capacity is required with limited load bearing capacity.

GRP Installation

grp tank installation

GRP panel water tank are faster construction due to its modular design, durable and flexible in shapes. It can design as per site constraints and easy to accommodate in tight spaces. Water quality can be maintained for a longer time as tank panels has smoother finishes, UV stabilized, corrosion-resistant. Entire installation of Tanks can be completed within 5-10 day period of Tanks of average capacity 100000 to 150000 litres. RCC concrete tanks are time-consuming to construct, have a heavy weight resulting in inflexibility in design over time. GRP tanks can be dismantled in a few days and re-installed again. These benefits are not available in RCC tanks. If there is leakage over time, GRP Water Tank Panels can be replaced and continuity can be maintained over time, this is not possible with RCC tanks.

Space Constraints

GRP Tanks are modular and can be easily built areas where are space constraints in design. T shape, C shape or even L shaped tanks can be designed after understanding space and design constraints. This is difficult in respect of RCC Tanks.

As you can see with the above features and benefits, GRP Tanks provide a high quality product better than the RCC Tanks. In terms of price, the Cost benefits are substantially higher over larger capacity requirements and even for its prices, the quality and the standardization of product provides a MUST LOOK in today’s times where customers are constantly looking for better quality and technologically advanced product to suit their changing needs.

The writer is a Manager at Smartage Projects Pvt Ltd and can be contacted on atul@smartageprojects.com or Mobile – 8879466096. Please feel free to contact him for more information and queries on GRP Tanks.