Read This If You Wish To Study Arts

The field of humanities and arts is very underrated. There are various misconceptions relating to the field of humanities. Some people believe it would be difficult to find a job after studying these fields. This is not true as there are several good opportunities after arts courses.

The field of humanities and arts is best suited for students who are creative and can think outside the box. It requires students to think critically and to go beyond the material in the course. There is a lack of awareness about arts courses and the kinds of jobs associated with the field, which is one of the major challenges in the field. As a field of education, arts offers a large number of stimulating choices.

Which is the best arts college in Patna?

If you are looking for an arts college in Patna, Dr C.V. Raman University in Bihar is a very good option for you. The faculty at the university is qualified and very experienced in the field of arts. They are very enthusiastic about passing on all their knowledge to the students. The professors build an environment that encourages students to engage in group discussions. A very interactive environment is created to make the students stay engaged with the course. The faculty understands that every student is unique and has a different way of learning. This is why both practical and theoretical methods are used in equal capacity. Individual attention is given to students in case they have trouble understanding any concepts.

The university also holds regular events such as guest lectures and seminars to ensure that the students have an opportunity to learn from individuals who have been working in the field for many years. Students also get the opportunity to interact with these individuals one on one. 

Here are some of the arts courses that are offered by CVRU Bihar

Bachelor of Arts: 

Bachelor of arts is a 3-year undergraduate course that is divided into six semesters. A student is required to clear HSC examinations from any state recognized board. The course needs students to have a combination of five subjects, where they have the option to choose the subjects according to their interests and the area they wish to specialize in.  The B.A. course opens up many opportunities for students, as they can seek employability and also go for further education. 

Master of Arts (M.A.)

Master of arts is a two-year postgraduate course that is divided into four semesters. One can go for a master of arts course after finishing a graduation course in any stream. This degree provides students with a specialization that the student chooses. CVRU Bihar, being comparable to the best arts colleges, gives students the opportunity to pursue a master of arts in history, geography, sociology, economics, Hindi or English. After completing M.A., one can seek employability or go for further studies, like M. Phil or PhD in their specific area of specialization. 

One can also apply for jobs in the public or private sector or try for UPSC examinations after doing a master of arts course. 

Master of Social Work(MSW): 

Master of Social Work or MSW is a two-year postgraduate course that is divided into four semesters. One can go for this course after completing graduation in any stream. There is an increasing need for such a course because it focuses on social welfare and the overall betterment of society. Social work is no longer just about charity but is a job that people take very seriously. It involves helping underprivileged people who fall victim to a host of other issues that come with poverty, like drug abuse, addiction to alcohol and other substances, lack of job opportunities for them and other grievances. A social worker works towards the betterment of underprivileged people by tackling all of these issues. This section of society has a shortage of basic amenities, access to public healthcare, literacy and the aim of a social worker is to ensure that they get basic amenities. 

After doing this course, one has the option to become a social worker, academician, or go for further studies like an M.Phil or PhD. 

What are the career opportunities after graduation?

Since the university has complete placement services, it is not difficult to find a job. There are several job titles available for students like psychologist, artist, academic teacher and many more. One can also go for higher education.

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