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Western medicine is an effective way to do away with health problems. Western medicine calls for testing, surgical treatments, and prescription drugs. Eastern medicine on the other hand focuses on curing the soul, mind and body.

Many alternative therapies have mushroomed over the past several decades. A common theme in many of these modalities is the concept of energy manipulation. Putative energy medicine is a modality of complementary and alternative medicine which believes that a healer can direct healing energy into another person. One example of this kind of alternative therapy is Pranic healing.

What is Pranic healing?

This alternative therapy is founded by Choa Kok Sui and it involves a wide range of therapeutic approaches which draw from the belief that disorders are due to an imbalance or blockage in the life energy, known as prana.

The two fundamental tenets of pranic healing is that the human body can heal itself and that the healing process can be sped up by raising one’s prana. This healing approach does not involve drugs, gadgets, not even physical contact with the sufferer.

Several therapies employed in pranic healing

Traditional healing methods

The idea of prana is common to both Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. In both alternative treatments, consumption of certain herbs and foods that are loaded with vital force, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and exercise help increase and balance the flow of prana.


Advocates of pranic healing believe that prana can be taken in thru breathing, and so, breathing exercises can facilitate healing. Pranayama, also referred to as yogic breathing, can help in relaxing the nervous system.


It is believed that particular postures and movements, when done daily together with breathing exercises, can promote optimal prana flow. This is why yoga and t’ai chi are considered essential elements to pranic healing.

Nonphysical approaches

Meditation used in pranic healing is a blend of breathing exercises, chanting, special postures and mental exercises to produce an elevated or altered state of being. Meditation helps quiet the mind and allows for a greater flow of cleansing and healing prana. Read more about self improvement and what you should know about pranic healing please visit this website.

Studying to do pranic healing

It is extremely empowering to understand how to handle simple ailments effectively by yourself. Different courses on pranic healing are available in various parts of the world. By attending these courses, you will understand how to scan, sweep and increase prana flow so you can improve the quality of your day to day life.

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