Red-Flags That You Need To Avoid When Visiting A Nail Salon During The Pandemic

If you happen to be somebody who is used to making an appointment at the nail salon every few weeks or even getting hair treatments every month then the pandemic has probably hit you hard. The quarantine life has surely stripped everyone of these luxuries, but worry not! The world is slowly coming back to its place. More and more people are returning to their routine slowly, which means the salons are opening their doors to clients once again.

But before you rush and make an appointment there are some red flags you need to be aware of before you make that appointment, these Red flags show that the salon staff isn’t very concerned about the client’s safety as they should be and it would be best if you avoid going there.

Are Employees Wearing Proper Masks?

At this point whilst we are in the second wave of the pandemic it is especially pivotal that everyone follows proper Covid-19 SOPs. If the employees and staff at the nail salon you visit aren’t wearing proper masks or not wearing masks at all then this is a serious cause for concern.

The Salon Has A Functioning Waiting Room

Ideally, there shouldn’t be more than a couple of clients waiting in the waiting area, that too if the waiting area is a small unventilated space. preferably clients should wait in their cars to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

No Plexiglass Partitions

Even though plexiglass partitions are not an official part of the Covid-19 SOPs, most places are utilizing them for both their own safety as well as their client’s safety. If the nail salon you visit has lax hygiene procedures then it is wise to make your appointment at another place.

The Stations Aren’t Spread Out 6 Feet Apart

Although it is not possible for you to stay 6 feet away from the employee who is supposed to work on your nails, it is preferred that the nail salon has at least each booth or station in which a client is seated at 6 feet apart. If you feel that the nail salons is too cramped to your liking then feel free to leave. 

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No Temperature Check At The Door

If the salon you visit is letting in just anybody then it will be wise if you avoid the place altogether. Checking temperature before letting clients in is a crucial part of the Covif-19 SOPs and shouldn’t be forgotten at any cost.

No Proper Sanitization 

If you don’t see any sanitisers present in the nail salon as well as you see employees using the same tools for all clients without sanitizing them properly first then this place are definitely a big No! Avoid it at all costs, not only is this salon presenting a health hazard during this pandemic but rather it is a cause for concern generally. 

Other red flags to look for are that the salon lets your friends or anyone accompanying you come in and wait for you while you are at your appointment. This is also a big No and increases the risk of spreading the virus. Other cause for concern can be employees using their phone, touching their mask and other face parts or talking to you or others with their masks down. 

All of these red flags stated above are a big cause for concern and places that don’t follow the proper Covid-19 safety procedures should be avoided at all costs.

At the end of the day we would suggest that there is nothing more important than you health, so instead of risking yourself and those around you avoid going to nail salons and instead invest in your own personal nail supplies by ordering supplies from nail supply in Orlando fl. Because it is always better to safe rather than sorry.