Remedies for Stiff Neck

Remedies for Stiff Neck 

A stiff neck is a painful condition and hinders a person’s routine activities and capacity from enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep. Neck stiffness issues have increased since 2010 as 17% of women, and 12% of men reported suffering from it. The primary reason is the increased use of smart devices, and computer screens lead to wrong body postures and neck strains. Other reasons for neck strain may include clasped jaws, tension, repetitive neck motion, osteoarthritis, neck injury, and spinal damage. Hence, you must know the remedies for the stiff neck to treat the condition immediately.  

Remedies for Stiff Neck 

You can prevent neck strains by changing your lifestyle and choosing better tools. This implies you should exercise regularly to strengthen your muscles, change poor habits, quit smoking, and opt for an ergonomic workplace. Some of the useful remedies to treat this condition include: 

Ergonomic Workplace 

The majority of the working class need to work eight hours every day on a desk facing the computer. This can lead to neck pains. Hence, to prevent this condition, you must adjust your chair to maintain a comfy position, follow an ergonomic sitting posture, ensure that your computer system is at your eye level, replace regular computer accessories with ergonomic ones, stretch your muscles after every hour, limit the use of smart devices and hold your mobile phone at eye level while using. 

Things to Avoid When Using Smart Devices 

When you use smart devices, you must ensure that its screen is exactly at your eye level. Holding your smartphone between your shoulder and ear is not recommended. You can use headphones or earphones for comfort. Also, uninterrupted use of smartphones may lead to muscle strains. After you use your phone, try stretching your muscle for relaxation. 

Things to Avoid While Driving 

Driving for long periods is not recommended if you don’t want to stress your muscles. You must know that sitting on the car seat all day and dealing with traffic can cause neck issues. And if you are required to drive for long periods, you should follow some useful tips. 

The tips include taking frequent breaks, moving around and stretching your muscles, and set your car seat in a way that supports good body posture. You can set an alarm that reminds you of these precautions. Avoid texting while driving your car. This is not only illegal and risky but can also place a strain on your neck muscles. 

Muscle Stretching 

Do you know how to fix a crick in neck? A great way to relax your neck muscles is to stretch them periodically. The recommended stretches are: 

  • Moving your shoulder joint back and forth
  • Squash your shoulder blades many times 
  • Gradually move your ear near your right and left shoulder. 
  • Gradually move your head from right to left.
  • Reconsider your sleeping posture 


You must understand that your body is in the same position for very long hours while sleeping; so, your sleeping position is crucial for your neck’s wellbeing. Sleeping on your back or sideways will put a minimum strain on your neck compared to sleeping over your tummy. When you sleep over your stomach, you tense your neck muscle for a long time, leading to stiffness. If you choose to sleep on your side, you should purchase a special pillow for neck support. 

Rub on Heat or Ice 

If you are suffering from neck pain, you can rub on ice for 20 minutes a day over the affected area. This helps relieve neck swelling. While this is an effective remedy, applying heat the same way can also improve the condition. For this, you may take a hot shower or use heat pads. 

Use Pain Relievers 

If your neck ache is bothering you, consider taking an over-the-counter pain killer medicine. A few suggestions include ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), naproxen sodium (Aleve), and acetaminophen (Tylenol). 


Massage is an effective way to relieve muscle pain and stiffness. This can be accompanied by gentle muscle stretching and avoiding sudden movements. You should know that sudden movements can aggravate the condition and cause serious injury. Home massage can also help, but taking a massage from a trained professional can be very effective in loosening and relaxing your neck and back muscles. 


If you are confused about how do you get a crick out of your neck, you must try acupuncture. 

Acupuncture is a revolutionary technique that inserts needles into particular pressure points on the body. A lot of scientific research has been carried out to prove its benefits to health. History reveals that this eastern medicine has been used for thousands of years. If you choose to get acupuncture, you should visit only a certified consultant who uses sterilized needles. 

Chiropractic Care 

Certified chiropractic knows the technique of manipulating muscles and joints to relieve pain. This therapy might cause pain and discomfort to a few people. This is not a thing to worry about, as a specialist can address your concerns.  

Reduce Physical Activity 

If you feel that your neck strain developed after physical activity, then you must avoid it. It would help if you treated the condition and then resume the activity. Lifting of heavy items and aggressive physical motions may worsen the condition. So, it is best to avoid it.  

Manage Stress 

Stress causes muscle tension. As the neck is near your spinal cord and brain, it can be easily affected. Hence, managing stress levels can help treat the condition. Some of the convenient ways to minimize stress are music, mediation, pursuing your hobby, playing with children, going on a trip or vacation, and exercising. 

Regular Exercise 

Regular exercising strengthens muscles can help prevent stiff neck conditions. It can also help improve body posture and relieve stress.  

Change Sleep Environment 

Changing your sleep environment can also prove very useful in treating neck muscle conditions. You should choose a firmer mattress, use a neck pillow for support, sleep on your back, and relax before sleeping. 

If your neck condition is hindering your routine activities, you must see a doctor.