Retail Merchandising—Making Fashion Accessible

Fashion is not just about creating a name as an individual fashion designer with a brand named after you. Fashion is also what people consume on the street. Fashion is in stores, in retail outlets, in large format shops, and every marketplace. Most of the time fashion is not directly accessed by the consumer. It needs to be mediated and transmitted to the average person who does not really know the latest design and fashion trends, and this is where graduates of bachelor of fashion design courses in Mumbai can find brilliant careers—this is the area of merchandising.

Merchandisers are Designers too

 The basic question about merchandising is what does a merchandiser—especially a fashion merchandiser—does? The job is really quite simple but draws on the skills of students who may have completed masters in fashion designing in Mumbai. This is the basic skill of knowing what will work in the market, knowing what the latest design trends are, and most importantly, knowing what the customers will buy. This is a job that is vitally important not just to pret-a-porter fashion brands, but also to clothing retail brands who always like to deal in volume sales.

Merchandisers can be considered to be the in-house designers for apparel and clothing brands whose job is to attract the customer into buying the products on sale. The job combines both fashion knowledge as well as marketing acumen. graduates of bachelor of fashion design courses in Mumbai can easily find jobs with retail companies in their stores, deciding the range of fashion that has to be carried either in the shops or at a senior level, by the brand itself. Large chain stores require the design acumen of fashion merchandisers to be able to have a pulse on the fashion market.

Careers in Merchandising

 With merchandising also being a career with online brands, masters in fashion designing in Mumbai may expect starting salaries around 4 lakh per annum. Salaries can grow to great levels, making this a highly recommended career choice