Retired? Here Are 12 Great Ways To Make Money Using Technology

While retirement is the time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour, some retirees may choose to continue working. Whether it’s to fund a holiday or boost your nest egg, there are plenty of flexible work options to help you make money in retirement.


If you’re retired and looking for a side gig, then why not try making money online? There are a wealth of opportunities to earn some extra money (and learn new skills!), and all you will need is a computer and internet access.


Ways to earn money using technology


The past couple of years have been marked with uncertainty in the workforce. For seniors, finding work is even more difficult. According to the Australian Seniors: Ageing in the Workforce 2021 report, close to 1 in 4 seniors report being turned down for a job due to their age. 


If you want to keep earning money in retirement and are looking for a flexible option that allows you to work from home, then read on. There are plenty of online-based jobs to suit all types of creatives, from writers/authors and hobbyists to design enthusiasts. Find one that you like the sound of and watch those extra dollars come rolling in!


  1. Get paid for copywriting


Got a good grasp of the English language and love to write? Then you should look into copywriting as a way to earn retirement income. Copywriters are can work from home, making it a flexible option for retirees. As part of the role, you will be writing content for all types of sources including websites, eBooks, email marketing, creating brochures, Blogs and more. Use social channels like LinkedIn, Copify and Indeed for freelance copywriting roles that you can apply for. 


  1. Be a blogger


Blogging is a fantastic way to earn money – without even having to get out of your PJ’s! Some people make a lot of money – enough to live off – from writing Blogs alone. As a retiree, you don’t have to make 6 figures overnight, but it can be a good way to earn some extra cash flow to cover basic living essentials or put away into your retirement savings. You can Blog about anything you like. Are you an avid gardener? Start a gardening Blog where you can share gardening tips and tricks. You can also write guest posts for established Blogs and earn commission through affiliate marketing. 


  1. Try freelance tutoring


Have experience teaching or like the sound of tutoring students? There is a big demand for virtual tutors who can teach English and basic school subjects like math to International students. You don’t necessarily need to have a qualification in teaching, however, most tutor providers require you to go through an online assessment consisting of basic language, literacy and numeracy skills as well as an online interview and sometimes a trial. 


  1. Become a social media influencer


Social media isn’t just for the young ones! If you are tech-savvy and love spending time on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, then why not turn this hobby into a form of income? One of the most exciting money-making opportunities to come out of social media is ‘influencing’. Social media influencers can make really good money, especially when they have a big audience/fan base. If you have an interesting quirk, hobby or daily routine that you think others will enjoy watching, then give influencing a try!


  1. Sell products online


Do you have a hobby that you can monetize? Perhaps you like making jewellery or painting? You might also enjoy thrift shopping or collecting? Whatever it is, you can try selling your products online. Websites like Etsy or eBay are perfect for starting an online store. These websites are very popular. For example, Etsy is home to 34 million buyers who spend more than $2.8 billion per year, so you will be getting a huge audience and a greater chance of selling your items. 


  1. Sell skills online


If you have a skill such as playing a musical instrument, speaking a foreign language or painting, then you can turn this into extra income to fund your retirement. A lot of people are willing to pay for services where they can be taught a skill virtually. If you like the sound of teaching and sharing your skills with others, then there are a couple of ways you can start. Either by signing up to an online learning community that will match you to students, or, by starting your own online business where you can deliver your lessons via video. The key to selling your skills online is to find a skill that you enjoy and that you can profit from. The best part is you can devote as much or as little time as you want, and adjust your prices as you wish. 


  1. Try contract consulting


Another great way to earn money online is by offering business or consulting advice. If you have experience in the corporate sector, then you can share your knowledge and advice with businesses, organisations or companies in an area of your expertise. As a contract consultant, you can work remotely online and help provide companies with business advice as well as search for clients that might be interested in working for that company. It’s a great way to earn additional income in retirement and would be perfectly suited to someone who has leadership skills and a degree of business know-how. 


  1. Complete online surveys


Did you know you can earn money just by participating in online surveys? It’s easy, free and can be a great way to top up your retirement savings without having to do anything except for answering multiple-choice questions or providing feedback on products/services. Companies like CashCrate and Rewardia allow you to earn points and receive discounts on groceries and popular brands as well as make money for each survey completed. Depending on the platform and survey, you could earn enough money to cover your basic living essentials or pay down debt. There are even some sites that allow you to make money from playing games! 


  1. Be a freelance designer


If you have a graphic design background, you’re in luck! There are plenty of opportunities to become a freelance designer and a lot of these jobs pay very well. You can find online graphic design jobs via job platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn, as well as websites such as Freelancer or Upwork. You can also start your own website and solicit your services via it or social media. Other areas of design include website designing or even building and developing software or games. 


  1. Virtual assistant 


Do you have experience as a receptionist or assistant? Today, a lot of companies are adopting a remote or hybrid model of work. Because of this, there are many opportunities for virtual assistants. Just like a traditional assistant, you will be answering phone calls, scheduling appointments and providing customer support. The catch? It’s all done online! You only need a reliable internet connection, phone and computer. You can get started by exploring sites such as Virtual or via a job search website. Similarly, you might want to consider joining a virtual call centre where you can make sales or support calls from the comfort of your own living room. 


  1. Become an online coach


Online coaches can make good money quite quickly. Thanks to a shift to online consulting and platforms like Zoom, career coaching can be done remotely. As a career coach, you can draw on your experiences and expertise as a retiree and use this to help mentor job seekers. As an online coach, you can provide career guidance, interview tips and review resumes. You may also help people look for suitable work or provide lessons on leadership and developing business skills. There are many online coaching  platforms that you can sign up to and begin marketing your services. 


  1. Data entry 


For a relatively easy job that can be done completely online, consider data entry. You will only need a computer for this, as data entry specialists typically spend their time entering and updating data on a specialised computer system or software. You can find remote data entry jobs via the usual job search channels including Indeed and Seek. Data entry provides plenty of scope for flexibility and no specialist knowledge is required – making it an ideal side gig for retirees. 




The best way to make money after retirement is to turn to technology. In this digital age, there are so many options to earn an income online. For most of these, you don’t even need prior experience or necessarily be ‘tech-savvy’. The key to making it work for you is to choose something you enjoy or are passionate about. Use this list as a starting point for finding creative ways to earn money in retirement and replenish your savings. Even if none of these ideas spark your interest, there are many more options to explore. Hopefully, your interest has been sparked and you have gained some confidence in the knowledge that there are ways to make money without having to attend a 9-5 job or compromise your retirement lifestyle. 

Taylor Machuca-Koniw

Taylor is a freelance writer specializing in lifestyle, love and health.  Growing up in country Australia, she loves spending time outdoors and going for adventures with her family. Expert in self-care alternating between nature walks and bubble baths with Sex and the City marathons in between. She is a free spirit, who never needs an excuse to dress up and prefers working late into the night writing.