Revlon’s Creme of Nature Launches Shine Different Hair Care Campaign

Legacy hair care brand Creme of Nature has unveiled its #ShineDifferent campaign and new packaging design for the Creme of Nature with Argan Oil From Morocco collection.

Creme of Nature offers hair care and styling items mixed with confirmed natural Argan Oil from Morocco, giving exceptional molding and sustenance. The product offering keeps on being defined with similar inflexible fixings like no sulfates, no mineral oil, no petrolatum — and presently flaunts an advanced look, alongside its unique recipe.

“For the beyond 10 years, our Argan Oil From Morocco assortment has been a staple in our customers’ hair routine and ‘herstory’ to accomplish solid and glossy hair. With a huge spotlight on Black ladies today, it is the ideal and most fitting time for us to start the #ShineDifferent lobby, a festival of this mark assortment’s restoration and its life span in the haircare space; alongside highlighting ‘stowed away figures’ who are sparkling diversely in their particular callings and local area,” said Jolorie Williams, head supervisor, Revlon Multicultural and Contract Services.

The #ShineDifferent lobby will start off this mid year featuring people, across different stages, who are commended and rising stars inside their local area. It will highlight a progression of experiential and advanced initiations which incorporate the divulging of the #ShineDifferent wall painting painted by visual craftsman Erica Chisolm. Situated in Atlanta’s notable Cabbagetown (727 Wylie St. SE), known for its pleasant paintings, Chisholm’s #ShineDifferent wall painting serves a standing recognition for the unique lady included all through the mission.

Furthermore, the mission will incorporate a progression of viral recordings highlighting each force to be reckoned with’s close to home and intense excursion as a maker. The series will stream across all of Creme of Nature’s social mediums, i.e., Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and other outsider stages.

“Today, we’re sparkling unique. We’re sparkling diverse locally through our various advancement endeavors, for example, the “inheritance to administration” HBCU grant program. Deeply; dedicated to keeping our purchasers’ hair sparkling and sound,” Williams added. The new look will be reflected across the whole Creme of Nature Argan Oil From Morocco portfolio, reconsidering the embodiment of the brand.