RICE: A Safe Four Step Natural Treatment for Shoulder Pain

To relieve your shoulder pain you can use the four-step recovery regimen known as RICE – rest, ice,
compression and elevation.

Rest- Reduce using the injured area for 48 hours.

Ice- Put an ice pack on the injured area for twenty minutes at a time, four to eight times daily. At least fifteen minutes should separate treatments.

Don’t apply ice directly to the skin – use a towel, ice bag, etc. Katienicholl

Compression- Wrap the shoulder with bandages, like an elastic wrap, to reduce swelling.

Elevation- Keep the injured shoulder elevated above the heart. Use a pillow to help elevate your shoulder.

In several cases, this technique will reduce pain and inflammation and the shoulder will slowly heal.
Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications can help you reduce symptoms, although these medications should not be taken without first consulting a physician.

Medical attention is necessary to ensure that the shoulder pain is correctly diagnosed and treated appropriately. Professional medical attention is essential if your pain lasts more than one to two weeks despite self-care measures.

You should also seek prompt medical care if you experience a severe blow or injury that causes pain and swelling, significant bruising, or bleeding of the shoulder, especially if there is a suspected fracture, dislocation, or subluxation.

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