Rock cool and light kurtas at home!

With the recent surge in COVID cases, all the slight movement we were doing needs to be stopped again. That means another long period of lockdowns and stay-at-homes till things get better. After all, the responsibility to take our nation out of the rut stays on us, right?

So as work from home starts in full swing, no need to start rummaging through your wardrobe for the same old shirts and trousers. You can be comfortable and formal in House of Stori’s kurtas for men too!

Men’s kurta is made of ultralight fabric which is breezy and cool. These kurtas are appropriate for formal and casual wear and can be great to wear even during an online meeting. So, this summer, instead of cranking up the AC, get into some cultural vogue with House of Stori’s kurta for men! Check out the different types of kurtas for men and how to style them right here:

Pink Printed Kurta

Check this Pink printed kurta out, with a light colour and ultralight cotton construction. This kurta for men is a hybrid between kurtas and shirts and features a short length and a mandarin collar. The buttons run to the chest and the beautiful khadi texture makes the kurta look very attractive in its subtlety.

You can style this beautiful and simple men’s kurta with a pair of white or some other light-coloured trousers. You can also wear it with light coloured dress shorts. The short length of the kurta makes it more versatile.

Khaki Plain Casual Kurta

This plain khaki men’s kurta is half sleeved and made of thin and cool cotton fabric. Cotton will keep you cool in the hot summer. A simple construction and design makes the kurta more desirable. Featuring a small pocket on the breast and buttoned down will the chest, this kurta for men has no additional points of styling. You can derive its beauty from the subtlety and the understated design.

Wear this kurta with either light or dark trousers as it will go with either of these colours, providing a stark contrast. You can also wear this kurta with dress shorts, owing to its t-shirt like styling. Click the link for more Kurtas for men!

Cream Printed Casual Linen Kurta

If there’s anything better than cotton to wear in summers, its linen. Linen dries faster, is lighter than cotton and is more durable too! Although it’s a bit more expensive than cotton, Linen and cotton have different qualities. This men’s kurta has a floral/starry texture that looks super-premium and suave. This kurta for men is cream coloured and this light colour makes it more versatile.

You can pair these kurtas for men with light coloured or dark coloured trousers both. Check out more of House of Stori’s kurtas and get yourself a little gift for this summer.