Rules of Wearing A Tie According To The Occasion

Do you want to look at your surroundings with your looks? Are you attending an occasion, event, presentation, or any other social function? Choosing your outfits to be worn? Have you added a tie into it? If not, then do it now.

A tie is one of the clothing articles that can increase the overall look of your personality and even always matches the dress code. However, you must understand that not every tie will go with any suit or shirt. Therefore, you need to find the best suitable for your outfit as well as the occasion.

In addition to it, you must know the different ways of tying a tie with different types of knots.

Here are the different rules of wearing a tie according to the occasion.

Business Events

At your business events, you always want to leave an impression that lasts. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose a tie that attracts the right audience. It is always recommended to choose rich and basic colors, and simple yet stylish patterns, e.g. stripe patterned tie.

Casual Outing

Here you can wear any type of tie. These are the types of outings where no strict dress codes are there, and you are free to wear your style. This is one of the best occasions to try out your stylings without any hesitation. You can wear bright and jovial colors that attract the audience immediately. And recommended having elaborative patterns.

Neither Corporate Nor Casual-An Occasion of In-Between

These are the types of occasions when you are unsure about the audience, ambience of the place, and how the event would turn around. In simple words, you are not very sure about the nature of the event and the people you will meet.

Hence, you are free to choose a type of tie which is suitable according to your understanding and flexibility. Choosing a tie with solid colors with high-sheen and visible textured patterns is recommended for these types of events.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Tying A Tie

If you are heading to an occasion and have chosen one of the best suitable types of a tie, you must follow these do’s and don’ts when wearing a tie.


  • Buying the right size is really important
  • If you are buying a suit, then make sure to buy the one that can have alterations
  • Your suit and knotted tie should always be cleanly pressed
  • Do buy a range of collar options for yourself
  • Always tuck in without fail
  • Always ensure the collar fitting as it should fit perfectly
  • Wear a cleaned, polished, and resoled pair of shoes
  • Invest in a range of shoes like brogue, a cap toe, loafers, etc


  • Never ever over-clean your suit
  • Do not button the bottom button of your jacket (It is recommended when wearing a two-button jacket)
  • Ensure not to mix your casual shirts with your work suit
  • Don’t avoid slimmer fitting shirts
  • Your patterns shouldn’t clash
  • Do not dare to forget polishing your shoes
  • Avoid wearing suede shoes in wet weather

Final Thoughts

Once you select a tie, tying a tie is one of the most critical factors to be considered. As if a tie is perfectly knotted on your neck with the right type at the occasion, it will immediately increase the value of your dressing sense and start grabbing the attention of people all over the venue.