Safety Manual to Ride a Street Legal Pocket Bike


Usually, parents buy street legal pocket bikes for their kids because they are safe and secure to take on the busy road. Despite being the safest bikes, they can be dangerous like all other types.

A study showed that five out of one ATV casualty victim are under 16 kids. So, you see, parents, if you have bought a street legal pocket bike for your child, this won’t automatically grant their safety. You have to teach your kids to safely ride mini bikes to avoid deadly accidents. 

7 Safety Tips to Ride Street Legal Pocket Bike

For parents, the safety of their children is one of the important concerns, especially when they are riding pocket bikes on the road. At Venom Motorsports, we take road safety very seriously and always recommend our riders to do the same. The top road safety tips to follow while riding street legal pocket bikes are

Stay Away from Alcohol 

Alcohol is the main cause behind 50% of minibike accidents. Therefore, if you are riding a street legal pocket bike gifted by your parents, respect their sentiments and never drink and drive. Not only alcohol, but you should not intake any toxic substances before handling your bike. If you stay away from alcohol while riding, you can protect yourself and many other lives. 

Always Wear Helmet

You should always wear DOT-approved helmets with chin straps while riding your street legal pocket bike. That’s because 60% of bike accident deaths occur due to lack of a helmet. Thus, you should strap a helmet over your head before taking your bike on the road. Even when you ride your bike at slow speed, a sudden jerk or moment can injure your head pretty badly over a concrete road.

Wear Other Safety Gears

A helmet might be one of the most important safety gear, but it isn’t the only safety gear that you should wear while riding a bike. From knee pads to shin cover, you should wear all the different types of safety gear to safely ride your pocket bike. On the road, you are highly exposed to accidents and injuries—thus, as much as possible, try to safeguard your body. 

 Wear Biking Gloves

The biking gloves are different from your regular woolen or fancy gloves. They offer superb grip and comfort to the riders. You can easily move your hands in them, even during the long rides. When you have fully gloved hands, you can avoid numerous injuries and keep your hands warm. 

 Full Leather Attire

You can’t call yourself a real biker without a full leather attire. Now, your leather outfit won’t only make you look dashing and rustic, but it also protects your body from a fall. Leather is a very strong fabric, so when you fall, it will protect your skin from scratches and many other injuries. However, if you can’t afford a full leather attire, a full sleeves leather jacket or just full sleeves shirt will be helpful. 

Maintain your Pocket Bike

Before taking your street legal pocket bike for a ride, make sure that all the parts are working properly—from chain to brakes. If your bike isn’t working properly, it will definitely invite an accident. Therefore, when you store your bike in the garage after a ride, thoroughly check it so that you won’t have to worry about faulty bikes. 

Don’t Ride Under Low Visibility

If hail or fog has reduced visibility in your area, you should wait till the visibility is 100% before riding your bike. Riding a bike under low visibility is a very deadly combination as you can’t see clearly, roads are slippery due to fog, and the temperature is low—all warning signs. So, never take your pocket bike on the road when visibility is low. 

If you are following all the safety tips, you can easily enjoy your street legal pocket bike on the road. With the promise to ride safely, you can buy a variety of pocket bikes from Venom Motorsports at highly affordable rates. Be safe and buy pocket bikes!

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