Scrapbooks as Gifts for New Parents and Why You Should Consider the Idea

Preserving memories is always a fun and exciting activity while using scraps and applying your artistic thoughts through the pages. Traditional scrapbooking commonly involves photographs, letters, pieces of artwork or any vintage stuff to use as decoration. 


Sad to say that people today are more fond of documenting their life by uploading photos, videos, and so on. So, we’ve come up with the idea of listing the reasons why scrapbooks are the best choice of gifts, especially for new parents. Read and find out.


  • Scrapbooks as an efficient family timeline tracker

One of the reasons why scrapbooks are a perfect choice of gifts for new parents is because scrapbooks will allow new parents to document the milestones of their bundle of joy and keep records of precious memories of their growing family. Scrapbooks as gifts for new parents will also help them start a family timeline tracker on their own.


From the moment they get to know about their pregnancy to the time they give birth, every sentimental event has a place in the scrapbook. What do you think? Isn’t it a good idea?


  • Scrapbooks as a creative family memorabilia

Scrapbooking originated in the United Kingdom in the 19th century and is still a trend in the present-day. The art of scrapbooking is famous, especially in the United States. There are even searchable videos on how to make a scrapbook or steps and guidelines to scrapbooking. 


As you give this as thoughtful gifts for new parents, they’ll have creative memorabilia that they could pass on to their successors. 


  • Scrapbooks are great accessories when hoarding or keeping memories.

Today, people are getting more obsessed with taking and collecting photos. So, as for new parents, scrapbooks are absolutely a good choice of gifts to receive as they start building their own family.


It will give them more chances of hoarding memories and stocking them up in a creative book. As they grow older, their children, grandchildren, and grandchildren’s children will have the scrapbook to recall the past. 


  • Scrapbooking is also an ideal way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Parenting and other roles and responsibilities of adulthood can be tiring and overwhelming. So to give new parents a chance to take a break from the stress and obligations of growing a family, help soothe their stress through scrapbooking. 


It’s a perfect way to ease the stress as they ought to channel their creativity and artistic side. Scrapbooking is also a new way to bond with their spouse or children when at home.

  • Scrapbooks as gifts for new parents are both unique and functional.

Picture frames, baby clothes, newborn supplies, breastfeeding clothes, and other baby items are the usual gifts received by new parents. While these gift ideas are okay, maybe it’s time to think of something new that parents can also use for a long time. 


Choosing scrapbooks as gifts for new parents is another way of honouring them and their growing family. Aside from that, scrapbooks are unique and functional in many ways.


So, those are the reasons why you might want to pick scrapbooks as gifts for new parents. Ditch the usual gift ideas like picture frames, mugs, baby bottles, and start giving something new. 


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