Among our latest R&D products are these screen printing dryers. The rotating drying box allows quick drying during printing and complete drying after printing in screen printing dryers. Additionally, it is much easier to dry the printed product with two drying platforms. Additionally, it can be used as a screen dryer, etc. Please check our latest best flash dryer for screen printing on the following page.

It is essential to have a screen drying cabinet when screen printing

Several procedures require a screen drying cabinet, including degreasing screens, coating emulsions, coating hardeners, washouts, and so on. This machine does away with the traditional heating pipe technique in favor of a flat carbon fiber heating plate that is both safe and highly efficient. The design is professional, energy-efficient, secure, and easy to operate, suitable for drying screens less than 25″x21″ (64x53cm), shading light, and proofing dust.

A temperature control system that is intelligent. It can adjust the temperature depending on the heat resistance of its screen mesh. Its highest temperature can reach 172F (78C) when the room temperature is 77F (25C).

In screen printing dryers, the hot air is circulated inside the cabinet by the axial flow fan, which maintains the same temperature in the cupboard and can improve drying efficiency at the same time. In general, large computer equipment axial flow fans can be used for up to 20,000 hours. The photosensitive emulsion coated screens usually dry in 2-4 minutes.

A hierarchical (100-level) system handles Temp-adjustment, so users can alter the temperature according to the ambient temperature and the material they are using. As a result of its automatic memory functions, the unit can automatically adjust to the set temperature next time.

Screen Printing  Dryer Features:

The coating is wholly corrosion-free and dandified-free. It has a flexible but secure drawer type. All screens can be placed and moved flat with the printed side up, ensuring a smooth adhesive layer. The first to be recognized as a national high-tech enterprise through reviews conducted by the federal food and drug administration.

A new blade and unit are adopted for the heating plates, which provides double-heat, low power, and high heat efficiency. In addition, it controls the temperature of each floor evenly so that it is accurate and was identified as one of the national high-tech enterprises through the federal food and drug administration QS review.

It has a professional appearance with electrostatic spraying on the inside and outside, is easy to clean, and will not rust. At the end of the first QS-review of the national food and drug administration, a national high-tech enterprise was identified.

Its total power is 800W, which can reduce power consumption by 70-90% compared to a traditional cabinet of 3000-8000W.

A soft pintle roller at the exit gently lowers the product into the next piece of equipment. Available in several sizes.

The air is circulated through rollers, and drying times are shortened. Adapt 2, 4, or 6 lamps to work at three different levels. IR lamps can now be easily connected, exchanged, and transported using new ways. Two fans blow Fast-drying hot air.

We can put our screen printing dryer to good use right now, and you will love its performance.


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