Sell Tether TRC20 (USDT) to Wise card

To withdraw, Tether TRC20 (USDT) to Wise card is available through a cryptocurrency exchange, a P2P platform, a Telegram bot, an individual, and an electronic exchanger. Each method has its characteristics. But if we talk about the most popular solution, it turns out to be cooperation with exchange services. Reliable performers can be found on the BestChange website. And if you read the information provided by the source, it becomes clear that you can sell Tether TRC20 (USDT) to Wise cards on many sites. This indicates the possibility of choosing the best option that will suit all parameters: the conversion rate, commission, dollar reserves, and the affordable scale of transactions.

If we talk about why most users prefer to exchange Tether USDT stablecoin in TRC-20 network through exchangers, it will be easy to understand the issue.

Why cooperation with exchangers is better than other options

To understand why currency exchange through exchange services is considered the best solution, consider the features of all available transaction options:

  • Crypto exchanges. It is safe to work with them. But withdrawing money takes a lot of time and often turns out unprofitable. Users who withdraw assets to a Wise card must be verified – the procedure can take a long time. To exchange Tether, you need to create an order – this often causes difficulties. You must place a limit order to say exactly when it will be executed. It may not happen at all. The market order will be completed immediately, but the terms of the asset exchange may be different than expected. Plus, the exchange may ask for a high commission for withdrawing dollars. And the crediting of the currency itself can take place within 3-5 days – this is a long time. That’s why they only sometimes want to work with stock exchanges.
  • P2P platforms. Doing business here is safe. The venues act as guarantors. But given that individuals place Tether cryptocurrency exchange offers, the conditions are often far from favourable. They may provide unfavourable conversion rates and inflated commissions. Plus, currency reserves often turn out to be minor, which only allows for a significant transaction. As you can see, there are better solutions too.
  • Telegram bots and direct transactions with individuals. They are not popular due to the high risks of encountering scammers. Plus, the terms of cooperation could be more favourable. These options are rarely used.
  • Electronic exchangers. They are in the highest demand because they offer up-to-date rates, affordable commissions, and large reserves of currencies. Plus, working with sites is safe if you select performers on the monitoring portal. The exchange itself is straightforward and fast. For regular customers, many exchangers have excellent bonuses. That is why this solution is considered optimal.

Now it’s clear why exchanging Tether cryptocurrency for dollars is better than crediting to a Wise card through exchangers.

The procedure for the exchange of assets

It will take 30-60 minutes to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money through an exchanger. First, you need to decide on the best offer, go to the contractor’s website and read the rules of cooperation. Then you can start filling out the application. After entering all the information, you need to check them carefully. After that, confirming and paying for the application remains by transferring Tether within the specified period. After that, the exchange service will transfer the equivalent in fiat to your TransferWise in USD.

Even though, as indicated by the source, all transactions with Tether cryptocurrency are reversible, transferring funds to the exchanger as responsibly as possible is necessary. Transfer precisely the number of coins that was indicated in the application. This will avoid hitches.

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