SEO trends in 2021

The question of having or not a website no longer arises. But this is only the first step. Making it visible is essential. This is achieved through several marketing techniques. Via social networks, in particular. As well as developing a search engine optimization strategy. Today, we invite you to discover the 2021 SEO trends to be better positioned than ever next year.

The content: informative and qualitative:

Quality content remains essential to be well positioned in Google search results. Of course, this requires identifying and integrating the most relevant keywords. But also of all their derivatives in order to create articles and texts based on a rich semantic field.

In addition to these technical considerations, the utilitarian nature of the text must also be taken into account. The more suitable the content and the more it answers Internet users’ questions, the better it will be indexed. More than ever, bulleted lists are recommended in order to get straight to the point. Algorithms are getting smarter, “keyword stuffing” less and less effective.

While there are no rules set in stone, we know that Google tends to favor long content. The use of bulleted lists accompanied by texts makes it possible to combine conciseness and in-depth work in the lexical field.

Local SEO:

The coronavirus pandemic has changed consumer habits. Travel restrictions forced them to turn more to local businesses. Hence the importance of focusing on geography in order to be in tune with 2021 SEO trends. This was already true for many industries. But the health crisis we have experienced has only accentuated this trend.

The good news is, it’s much easier to rank high on Google by adopting an SEO strategy that focuses on local SEO. Indeed, the competition is much less fierce. For locally based businesses, this is the best way to maximize your SEO budget.

User experience of sites and apps:

Via several initiatives, Google has already telegraphed that user experience will take an increasingly important place in SEO evaluation. In particular via:

Core Web Vitals:

Google Page Experience:
In short, Google’s Core Web Vitals measure vital components of the user experience. Namely the loading time of the page, its interactivity as well as its visual stability. Google Page Experience will integrate these new indicators with those already in place by spring (existence of a mobile version, https, etc.). At the start of 2021, it will therefore be necessary to work on these Core Web Vitals in order to maintain or improve its SEO positioning.

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