Information About the Tinnitus Test

The reason someone gets tinnitus can vary and there can be many causes. A test may be done to determine what is causing your illness. These tests, in turn, allow you to learn more about the disease and what to do from there. This article explains what the tests are:


This is a test that is done fairly early in the piece. This will show the doctor whether you can hear certain sounds more than others. This will also test the things you Serenity Prime Tinnitus can hear, along with tests to see if you have had hearing loss.


This test can be done to see if you have the disease. There are parts of the ear that may not be structured properly. This could be because you have tinnitus. This test will determine if this is the cause. MRI and CT scans are also very helpful in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčtesting.

Test pitch

With tinnitus, tones with a high frequency can often be heard. During this test, the doctor will play different sounds to see what volume you hear them at. During this test, you need to match the external sounds with the sounds you hear in your inner ear.


This test is carried out in a similar way to the pitch test. It will again determine what volume you hear. This test is extremely important as it will help you determine the correct tone frequency that you are hearing.


This test is only considered if you have the disease in both ears. During this test, you will need to record your inner ears. If there is a problem this test will determine what it is.

Tinnitus masking

This is used at the end of all tests. Here you play an external sound via headphones. This is intended for people who have symptoms in only one ear.

This test can also help treat the disease. This can be worn to reduce the noise level and train you to ignore the sound altogether. Asking for help during this illness is necessary as it is difficult to deal with. Getting treatment early will help minimize the pain you are feeling and prevent you from developing other illnesses.