Serious Leaks. Where to Look and How to Resolve?

Transmission oil leaks

According to car repair at home in Hyderabad, gear oil’s primary role is to lubricate the gearboxes, which is similar to the purpose of engine oil, i.e., it cools and removes contaminants. Moreover, in the event of an automatic transmission, gear oil plays an executive factor – thanks to it, it becomes possible to shift gears. Gear oil can leak from the parts of rear box housing, damaged driveshaft seals, leaky oil plug gasket, or worn camshaft seals. 

The decreasing amount can lead to accelerated wear of the mechanical elements of the gearbox and, consequently, to its seizure. How to find there is an oil leak in the gearbox. If there is a leak, there will definitely be transmission oil stains under the car. Also, the gearbox works much louder, and the gear shifting turns challenging.

Oil leak from the rear axle

The rear axle can be easily found in cars with a rear-wheel drive or with drive on both axles. There is gear oil in the rear axle, whose primary job is to lubricate and cool the elements working in the axle. An oil leak can happen due to mechanical damage to seals, corrosion of the metal elements, or the aging of the rubbers from which the seals are made. 

How to determine leaks from the rear axle? Typical oil leakage signs include oil stains and loud humming noise while driving. 

Hydraulic fluid leaking from the clutch pump and slave cylinder

Both elements are generally used in hydraulic assisted clutches. Hydraulic oil leakage can appear in the clutch pedal area (indicating a damaged clutch pump seal), or in the gearbox area (then the clutch slave is the culprit). The hydraulic fluid leakage impacts the first and reverse gears’ engagement and prevents the car from shifting gears.

Cooling system fluid leaks

The role of the cooling system is to prevent the engine from overheating, stabilizing it at optimum temperature, and ensuring poor operation of the cab heating system. The cooling system heats and cools several additional parts in modern vehicles, e.g., the EGR exhaust gas recirculation valve cooler. 

From where does the refrigerant leak? It can leak from the connections between the system pipes, from faulty nozzles, from a corroded radiator, from the coolant pump seals, from the thermostat housing, from a corroded heater, and damaged rubber pipes.

Without a sufficient amount of coolant, the engine can start overheating. In addition, it can also damage the head gasket and seize the drive unit. In such instances, visiting car repair online in Hyderabad becomes inevitable. 

Catalytic fluid leak

Catalytic fluid is generally used in diesel engine vehicles, equipped with FAP particulate filters (so-called wet). This fluid is designed to reduce the soot burning temperature, facilitating cleaning the filter from impurities. The most common area for fluid leaks is a damaged plastic tank installed near the car’s rear wheel. Also, it is worth remembering that this fluid is expensive and also harmful to the environment. An insufficient amount of coolant may put the engine into emergency mode.

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