Settle your DME Prior Authorization Burden in no Time

It is no secret that the authorization process has always been a major administrative hassle especially for providers along with patients, nurses etc.

In fact, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in order to enhance the complex process of authorization and also the process of sharing healthcare data between payers and providers has proposed a new set of regulations on last year itself on December 2020. This set of new rules was generally for boosting patient data exchange and was for streamline prior authorization to ease the burden/pressure on providers. Giving providers more time to invest in patient care and management, the regulation was introduced to address the time-consuming factor also.

The authorization process has always faced issues of time constraint and presently with the labor crisis and rising cost of healthcare; it is becoming extremely challenging for many healthcare to maintain a seamless authorization operation. This is where Sunknowledge Services Inc perfectly fits in.

Sunknowledge-the powerhouse of DME Prior Authorization : 

Streamlining all the patient data exchange to ensure district office follow-up, Sunknowledge Services Inc ensures a better DME prior authorization. Closing complex authorization that is faced by many in this industry, our experts further take care of 100% authorization submission on the same day.

Reducing the administrative burden, cutting costs for providers, and boosting patient care, we take our clients to next level of successful authorization solution. Increasing the authorization rate by 1.5- 2x, we further have a rate of authorization approval of 99 percent.

Saving your valuable time and minimizing the hassles of dealing with different payers, insurance new set of regulations etc, we take the complete authorization initiation, approval and follow–up under our control.

So stop worrying and ease your complex authorization process with a better financial prospects by partnering with Sunknowledge experts.

More information on how our experts can improve your authorization and reduce your operational cost at the same time will be further available on the website or over a call.