Shocking Reveal! Asbestos Is Found In These Products

Asbestos removal Melbourne is inevitable as it can be caused health issues with ranging severity, including lung cancer and mesotheliomia. Surprisingly it is among the last thing that homeowners thinks about as they are not aware of the place where asbestos can be present. Even you could go decades without noticing its presence, but when you find out about it would be too late.

To ensure that you get the asbestos removal Mornington peninsula without any further delay. Here is a list of all unexpected places that have the presence of asbestos, and you would require to remove to with the help of professionals.


  • Household Appliances


Hairdryers, crock pots, power cords coated with an asbestos sheath, antique items and more such household appliances have the presence of asbestos. Asbestos was formerly found in over 3,000 different consumer items designer cushion cover online. The major reason for extensive asbestos presence is It was low-cost, fire-resistant, long-lasting, and locally mined.


  • Soundproofing Materials


Asbestos has great soundproofing properties, so it’s no surprise that it was frequently utilised for that purpose. It can be found in every such place where soundproof insulation is generally found, like the music halls, schools, churches, and residences.


  • Beauty Products


Asbestos was commonly used in beauty items containing talc, such as baby powder. Talc is a mineral that is mined and is frequently contaminated with asbestos. Many overseas producers follow environmental and health laws when it comes to asbestos use, and they use contaminated talc in cosmetic and household items.


  • Furnaces


Insulation and surrounding materials in furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, and other thermal equipment frequently contain asbestos. This was usually for the same reasons as piping: heat and fire resistance. If you want to get rid of asbestos, old furnaces (and other similar appliances) can be replaced with modern ones.


  • Toilet Seats


Even the trusted toilet seat has been shown to contain asbestos, which may surprise you. Bakelite, a substance that contains few asbestos fibres, was used to make early plastic composite toilet seats designer mirrors for walls. Asbestos assisted in the strengthening of the brittle fibres. Because the asbestos in these seats is in such small quantities, it is typically regarded safe and stable, and it poses no risk to anyone if you come across one.


  • Flooring


Asbestos can be found in a variety of flooring applications, such as vinyl flooring, floor tiles, floor adhesives, asphalt floor tile, flooring backing, and vinyl floor sheets. If your home or business was constructed prior to the 1980s, there’s a good chance the floors contain asbestos, and you’ll need asbestos removal Mornington peninsula. This is true in both residential and commercial buildings, as well as offices, schools, hospitals, and other public structures.

The prolonged exposure to asbestos due to the presence of it in any of these places in your home would cause health damage. Though it has long latency periods, this does not ensure that it is the same. Better to take the professional help and find its presence and get it removed.