Singapore: what to see, places of interest and tourism

The city of Singapore is in constant turmoil; there are many things to see in its nerve center with places of interest for tourism. There are numerous possibilities for the visitor who loves to learn more about a suggestive place, a crossing point to reach Indonesia and Malaysia.

The city offers a lot to tourists. It is considered active, full of events and initiatives. There is no shortage of high-level exhibitions, alternative venues and ancient temples. A real melting pot out of the ordinary. Everything to discover.

Places of interest:

The city has a number of options. You are spoiled for choice. Among the places of interest, Haji Lane is worth mentioning. A place of the heart: a street located in the Arab quarter where you hear the scream.

Here are in fact the multicolored shop houses. The atmosphere is that of tiny shops, each original and different from the other. Visitors can immerse themselves in a particular atmosphere where they will find clothing, accessories and objects of various kinds. For the most part, these are unique, handcrafted and therefore handcrafted pieces. Changing perspective in Little India is a city that lives like in a parallel world. It will almost feel like you are not in Singapore.

Particular effect that affects the tourist fabric sofas. There are temples, women wear sari, you can breathe the scent of curry and masala in the air. The Hindu temples here are large and immersed in incense. The neighborhood is characterized by houses with colorful walls and fruit and vegetable markets. So many places that become an integral part of Singapore. For Visa Click Here

What see:

We have already mentioned some places in the city where you can spend the hours of your vacation. Singapore offers tons of ideas. Choosing what to see is always difficult for a city that never stops.

Marina Bay:

Marina Bay guards. It is a mythological figure with the head of a lion and the with the body of a fish. For Singapore it is considered the mascot of the city. For tourists, it is an attraction that brings visitors from all over the world. The statue is located at the mouth of the Singapore River, directly on the Marina Bay, Also, Read delta airlines reservation phone number.

Here is the Marina Bay Sands: a very famous hotel with a breathtaking swimming pool. In fact, the water mirror has dimensions outside the box. Let’s not forget in Marina Bay to walk to Gardens By The Bay where you can relax.

Orchard Road:

For shopping lovers Singapore offers its avenue of excellence. We are talking about Orchard Road Pest control in vithalwadi. The story goes that around 1830 the area was nutmeg orchards. The street today took the name of the owner of the place. Big trees can still be admired.

There are many underground areas connected to reach the various shopping centers to shelter from the equatorial heat of the city. The neighborhood, always very crowded, is characteristic during the Christmas holidays for its suggestive and colorful decorations.


Sentosa is an island that is worth a visit. Known for its amusement park, it is connected to Singapore by a bridge. To spend a few hours or even a few days in complete tranquility and out of the hustle and bustle of the city, this location is ideal.

Universal Studios:

Since March 2010 Singapore has its own Universal Studios. A theme park totally inspired by the world of Hollywood cinema and science fiction. Inside you can find numerous attractions with games, live shows for fun and free time.