Sleek and comfortable: Formal pants for women

It’s no surprise that the work-from-home life has us resorting to the comfiest clothes we can find and using them as interim-office wear. Most of us have become so comfortable with not wearing formal pants and skirts every day that even the thought of it is enough to make us reel. If you’re worried about re-adjusting fashion-wise once we’re back at our offices, Marca Disati brings you formal pants for women that are stylish, comfortable and easy to wear. Check them out below!

High Waisted Culottes

Culottes are wide-legged pants that come down a little below the knee and flared to resemble a skirt. These high-waisted culottes come in a deep blueish-grey that will be a great fit for your formal attires. Better still, these trousers can work as casual as well as formal pants for women. Pair it up with a plain white t-shirt or a loose shirt for an effortless look. 

Loose Fit Tie Waist Trousers

Office wear doesn’t always have to be restricted to greys and blacks. These trendy blue mid-rise trousers for women with a tie-up waist are the perfect fun and comfy addition to your formal wear. You can opt for light-coloured florals tops for women or just a simple breezy white shirt to pair with these pants for a peppy office look. 

High Waist Solid Culottes

Culottes should be inducted into the office wear section of your closet simply because of how sleek and comfortable they are. These solid culottes from Marca Disati look super stylish and formal and perfect for days you want to ditch the pencil skirt and kitten heels and opt for something comfier. These women’s formal pants can be paired with printed sleeveless tops and blouses easily and will make for a great office look. 

Sculpting Stretch Jeggings

Jeggings are a great choice for office wear. They are stretchy and comfier than jeans and formal pants. These women’s jeggings come with a broad elastic waistband for total comfort while you give your 100% at your workplace. These solid trousers can be paired with different types of tops and tunics perfectly. 

We hope you liked our list of alternatives to the usual formal pants for women. We, at Marca Disati, are all about doing things differently and our style reflects the same. Check out our collection of trendy t-shirts, dresses, jumpsuits and more for all your fashion needs!