Social Media Marketing is Very Trackable

If you haven’t heard yet, social media marketing is very trackable. I am sure that most of the top marketers are using social media marketing to find out which strategies work best for their business. But how exactly do they do it? Well, the first step that they take is to analyze their audience and see what type of people they want to attract. They need to know who to target and what kind of conversations they should have. The second step is to analyze their competition. By doing this, they will be able to see if there are any problems in the way their competitors are tracking them. After these two things have been done, the social media marketing is very trackable. The analytics that these social media sites provide is very helpful because it allows the marketer to see where on their competitors’ pages they can find a conversation happening, the number of conversation happening on a specific page and the time frame by which conversations start. The last step is the most important one. And that is, understanding the entire process by which they get social media marketing is very trackable. These social media systems are very complex and it is not easy to keep track of everything at once. For instance, Facebook updates every sixty seconds and Twitter updates every minute. Keeping track of all these updates will be hard if not impossible.
However, if you use Twitter you can keep an idea of how active your followers are. It’s a great way to get in touch with your clients and fans. However, it’s not very tractable. You have to go through each tweet to track it and put a name to it and categorize the user. But if you just want to know how active your customers are on Twitter you won’t really need to pay attention to this detail. In fact, it would be pointless to keep track of everything on social media marketing is very trackable if you do not have the appropriate strategy for tracking it in the first place. But there are a few things that are worth tracking. The first thing is the number of conversion tracking codes. If a product gets enough comments, it starts to look like a popular product. But that does not mean that it has to be popular, only that it has a lot of comments. This is great because you can do some follow up and figure out what’s popular. The second thing that social media marketing is very trackable is the demographics. You can get a fairly good idea about the audience for a product just by tracking the people who are following or talking about it. So, once you know how popular it is you can target that group with even more carefully. If it’s not popular in one group but very popular in another then you should probably consider making adjustments. If it’s not very trackable at all then you don’t really know how to target it properly. The third thing that’s trackable is the conversations going back and forth between followers and the owner. This is not as good as the demographics but it’s much better than no conversations at all. You can usually see if something is popular by looking at the conversations going back and forth. Some of them will be obvious and you can tell whether or not people are actually buying the product. Other conversations will be more subtle, so you’ll have to analyze them to understand why they’re popular. Those three things are the most important criteria when it comes to social media marketing. It’s certainly easier than using search engines but it’s not as good. The only way you can make social media marketing is very trackable is if you can actually use it to directly influence buying decisions. If you can do this you can become very successful with social media.