Sunknowledge– a Solution for all your Urgent Care Billing and Coding Complications

In urgent care practice, the major challenge faced by any urgent care billers is dealing with complex and stubborn insurances agencies. In fact, at times it becomes extremely challenging to explaining the need for the procedure to the agencies. In an urgent care codes are not the only means to get you paid and often end up you to deal with a lot of complication that not only wastes your time but also money. So the bottom line is simple, you not only need to be experienced but also be regularly up to date with the present billing changes.

Sunknowledge offers a dynamic urgent care billing management:

Offering your no backlog, Sunknowledge Services Inc for the last 15+ years offering complete urgent care billing solutions to many leading names in the industry. With a comprehensive approach, Sunknowledge helps you with better ROI and the highest first-pass collection rate.  Offering a service charge of $7 per hour or 1.99% of all collections, we do all your heavy lifting jobs; saving you a lot of time as well as money.

In fact, partnering with us saves your operational cost by 80%, and are equally proficient in working on different billing software – Brightree, Advanced MD, eClinicalWorks, Kareo, and many more further gives you added advantages.

Without compromising on the standard, we have excellent standardized communication, an accuracy rate of 99.9%, consistency, the highest productivity metrics, and many more other benefits. With timely urgent care claims and the right modifiers, we take care of all your post charges, denials management, verifying eligibility whenever required, collection from your aging accounts as old as three years; we cover it all.

In fact today we have been the operational extension with an excellent clientele list; we assure you a faster reimbursement rate than any other RCM organization.

With excellent industry references, we today with excellent customized solutions aid you achieve a profitable future. So if you are looking to improve your urgent care billing Sunknowledge Services Inc is the ultimate operational extension solution.