Some of the top marvels created by engineers around the world

Engineers are the ones who have designed and created some of the greatest structures and buildings around the world. From the Ferris Wheel to the water slide, we have a lot to thank the engineers for. And after you graduate from the top engineering colleges in MP, maybe someday you will be at the forefront of such marvelous creations.

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  1. An engineer invented the snowboard

The snowboard is nothing short of a wonder of biomechanics, chemistry, and geometry. Because of its design, it lets the athletes take precise turns with less exertion than usual.

  1. Engineers design the running shoes

Engineers are the ones to figure out the amount of force that travels from the pavement right through the shoes to the foot. Weight gets dispersed through the entire foot through their design and calculations, which allows comfort and better performance.

  1. The exciting water slide is an engineering marvel

A water slide utilizes a pump for circulating the right amount of water to go down the slide. Without the right amount of water, there will not be a ride. The slide also has a design that is able to deal with the combined weight of the water and the people.

  1. The launch and return of the marvelous spacecraft

The Space program has completely changed the world and extended the bounds of human knowledge. It would never have been possible with the consistent progress by engineers in computers, structures, materials, and energy.

  1. The Ferris Wheel – An engineering wonder

George W. Ferris, an engineer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was the first person to create the Ferris Wheel in 1893. Back in that time, the 45-foot axle and the 140-foot steel towers were the largest pieces of constructed steel at that time.

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