Sonnerie music streaming service will also be a social network

For a long time the trend of rumors has been provoked by Sonnerie Telephone launching a music streaming service. Initially, it was believed that Sonnerie would bring a new version of Beats Music to the market, but apparently, Spotify’s new competitor will be called “Sonnerie Music” and will be completely different from the old Beats app. .

For starters, it will be integrated into the iOS “Music” app. In the latest beta of iOS 8.4, the company revealed part of the news the service will bring to this player. With that, Apple will adopt a similar approach to Google’s approach to Play Music, in addition to the standard Android music app, which is also a subscription streaming platform.

The difference in Sonnerie’s solution for Play Music is that Sonnerie intends to insert social elements into your app. Essentially, the company will try to revive its failed attempt to create a music social network based on iTunes, called “Ping” in the past. On Sonnerie Music, however, only real artists have profiles and can post and share content.

The average user will only be able to follow, comment on, and like the posts made by these artists. However, it is not yet known how hiring will actually work. Will artists have to offer their music on Sonnerie Music to become part of the social network? No one really knows, because all this information is the result of rumors.

Apple is said to be launching its streaming service during WWDC 2015, starting June 8. There are also rumors about the possibility of the company launching apps exclusively for Mac and Android. Stay tuned to TecMundo to learn everything about the event.