Spa Treatments: Best Facial For Acne Scars

Do you have Clients visiting your Spa discouraged by their acne scars? It’s worth the time and hard work when you see a Client achieve clear, blemish-free skin as well as the confidence that follows. If you’re looking to refresh the acne scarring treatments that you offer, we have two facial spa treatments ready for you, with products included. Before we dive into the step-by-step couples spa packages details, let’s take a look at other acne scarring treatments your Clients might ask you about.

Potential Acne Scarring Treatments

Laser Resurfacing

This treatment is increasingly popular and is often used on scars that were once treated with dermabrasion. However, this technique has an increased risk of side effects for people with darker skin or a history of keloids.


This procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon who removes the top layer of skin with a rapidly rotating brush or other device. Usually reserved for more severe scarring, dermabrasion may completely remove surface scars and improve deeper acne scars may appear less noticeable. Potential severe side effects include scarring and changes in skin tone.

Step 1: Cleansing

Once you’re sure that this treatment is suitable, the first step is to cleanse your Client’s skin with the Eucalyptus Cleansing Concentrate. This cleanser will give the peel maximum penetration when applied. Follow up with either the Stone Crop Gel Wash or the Lemon Cleanser. The Lemon Cleanser contains BioComplex: a booster of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For those with sensitive skin, the Stone Crop Gel Wash would be more suitable because it contains gentle ingredients such as chamomile, stone crop and shea butter.

Step 2: Toning

Once the skin is cleansed, apply the appropriate toner and leave it on. Oily skin types may be suited to our Lime Refresh Tonique which contains green tea, lavender and lime juice (a natural astringent). Dry skin types would benefit from the Stone Crop Hydrating Mist which assists with hydration, while sensitive skin types would benefit from the Hawthorn Tonique, a blend of eucalyptus oil and chamomile to reduce the appearance of skin irritation.

Step 3: Exfoliation

Cleanse skin behind the ear, apply a tiny amount of peel and leave undisturbed for two to three minutes. Then you can neutralize the skin with the Soothing Chamomile Tonique. If no unnatural reaction occurs, you are ready to apply the peel as directed.

Next, massage the product lightly with the fingertips. For the first treatment allow it to remain on skin for two to three minutes and for subsequent treatments leave on for three to five minutes if the Client tolerates it well.

Remove with towels soaked in cool water or tea. Follow immediately with the Soothing Chamomile Tonique sprayed on a cotton pad and then rinse the skin with the cool towels, thoroughly cleaning the skin.

Step 4: Masking

When the peel is complete, select a relaxing facial mask to apply such as the Stone Crop Masque, the Calm Skin Arnica Masque or Menthol Rosehip Treatment. The Stone Crop Masque will help the skin appear smoother and firmer. With shea butter and marigold, the Calm Skin Arnica Masque helps the complexion appear toned and enriched. Lastly, the Menthol Rosehip Treatment leaves a cooling sensation on the skin with a formulation that includes menthol, honey and rosehip.

Step 5: Targeted Treatment For Different Skin Types

To nourish the skin, apply a targeted treatment which could be either a serum, oil or concentrate. For example, all skin types (but especially mature) will benefit from the Firm Skin Acai Booster-Serum as it helps the skin appear noticeably softer and smoother. The Stone Crop Serum is ideal for dehydrated skin types and it even reduces the appearance of age spots and skin blotches. To create a brighter appearance in the skin, the Eight Greens Youth Serum uses concentrated whole plant yucca, chasteberry and flax seed extracts to help with brightening. For oily skin types, the Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster-Serum is suitable as it is infused with willow bark and tea tree oil to reduce the appearance red, dry skin.

Step 6: Moisturizing

Select the appropriate moisturizer depending on your Client’s skin type. Do not use the Naseberry Treatment Cream due to its Alpha Hydroxy Acid content.

Step 7: Eye Care

Apply a thin layer of the Lavender Age Corrective Night Eye Cream or the Raspberry Eye Masque to the eye area using light blending motions until absorbed. Leave on.


Step 8: Sun Defense

For all skin types, apply Sun Defense Minerals SPF 30 as per instructions to finish the routine. After a peel treatment, skin will be more sensitive to the sun and application of an SPF product is mandatory. Advise your Client to use sunscreen, wear protective clothing and limit sun exposure after each treatment and for a week afterwards.

Step 9: Lip Care/Add-On Lip Treatment

Use the Citrus Lip Balm or the Rosehip & Lemongrass Lip Balm SPF 15 to protect your Client’s lips. Let your Client know that this facial treatment can be performed once a week for four weeks. Thereafter, they can use the lower dose product — the Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel 5% — at home bi-weekly. The cycle of using a 20% peel can be re-started after a three week resting period.