Speed ​​cameras: the new rules in the Highway Code

In 2022, new rules will arrive in the Highway Code on speed cameras. New rules governing their use.

The rules useful to regulate the use of speed cameras were expected from 2010. Let’s see what could change as early as the first months of 2022.

Speed ​​cameras: the news coming soon

The Government has announced that the draft decree on the positioning of speed cameras will be submitted to the evaluation of the State-city-local autonomy conference in the first months of 2022.

The new provision regulates in detail the use of speed cameras, starting from a preliminary check of the speed limits, carried out by the road managing bodies, to understand if these limits are adequate. And only if this necessary condition is met will it be possible to install speed cameras.

It is also envisaged that the location of fixed positions to allow the remote detection of violations takes place after coordination between the various police bodies in charge of control, so as not to create overlaps and interference between services on the same road section and do not concentrate on the same road. multiple simultaneous surveys. The case of the motorist who, in the same area, took 4 fines in 4 minutes from as many devices is sensational.

The goal is to define homogeneous rules on how to place and use the speed detection systems, overcoming a series of critical issues and disputes.

Why is speed camera reform necessary?

Changing and harmonizing the rules for the use of speed cameras is essential for two dying:

  • give motorists reliable and uniform information on the national territory;
  • manage the chaos of fines imposed through this tool.

2.5 million of the fines in Italy relating to penalties for speeding. Hyper production of fines certainly correlated to the number of speed cameras, which is the largest in Europe with 8,000 devices. Suffice it to say that there are about 4,000 in the United Kingdom, 3,800 in Germany, and 2,400 in France.

In addition to the large number, the use that local authorities make of these tools is also often criticized, according to road users too often positioned more for the needs of the municipal budget than for the effective protection of road safety.

Finally, there are the problems related to the reliability of speed cameras, with cases of hardly plausible penalties such as vehicles fined for having touched one thousand kilometers per hour (speed impossible to reach with a vehicle on the road). You can also get new insurance blog articles now our new best insurance blog.