Stair Runners: Best Material to Be Used and Materials to Avoid

Hello folks. Today in this guide, I am going to tell you something about stair runners. Many people do not know what a stair runner is. Apart from that, many people stay in big houses that have a staircase, but they do not use a stair runner.

In simple, words a stair runner is a carpet meant for the stairs. One of the reasons why people should use a good stair runner is because it protects you from falling down.

In simple words, a stair runner is a piece of carpet, which doesn’t cover the complete width of the stair. Most of the times, a stair runner is installed on the hardwood and tiled stairs. If you will check in the market you will get different types of stair runners in different colors, patterns, and of different widths.

Stair Runner Materials That You Should Never Use – 

If you will check online, you will get different types of rugs and carpets for stairs. If you have a staircase that comprises wood, then one of the best stair runners that you can have is that of carpet.

But again, if you want to be on the safer side, then it is recommended that you use a special type of stair runner that comes with a carpet or in the carpet form. And please, don’t make this biggest mistake that most of the time people tend to make. That is to use fancy stair runners like that of silk or linen.

The only thing is that this material stair runner looks very polished and refined and also beautiful, but it can cause accidents like falling down or slipping, etc. Plus, one of the most important stair runners should be properly installed, so that there are no loose corners to trip over.

Best Material for Stair Runner –

The best type of material that can be used as a stair runner is the jute material. But, you need to see that, the stair runner is affixed properly from beneath so that there is no chance of the carpet moving. Another reason why jute stair runners are good is that dust does not easily settle on it and it looks perfect and solid on the stairs.

You can check the images of the stair runner that is made of jute material. Never use synthetic, nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, etc. types of materials for stair runners. Apart from that, for the installation of the stair runners, remove any kind of interference in the molding and tape the runner. Apply strips of double-sided carpet on the top riser.

Padding of the Stair Runners –

Then, you will also have to do tacking of the stair runner and use an inflated stapler. Apart from all of that, padding under the stair runner is also important.

So, first, you will have to prepare the stair runner and also the pad installation. On each of the stairs, trend padding needs to be fitted and placed perfectly. One of the reasons why padding is important in stair runners is because one can avoid slipping under the fabric of the runner.