Step by Step Tutorial How to Configure Adobe Illustrator (AI) to Work and Create Pixel Art?

There are many Programs that can be used to create Art with the Pixel Art Effect, but today you will have the opportunity to take full advantage of the Different Tools that you can find in the Adobe Illustrator (AI) Program where, in addition to Vectorizing any Image, you can also configure it to Work and Create your Pixel Art, lijke the pixel art templates at Pixelart123.

Here is the Step by Step:

Now that you can visualize the Tools you need to create your Pixel Art, I am going to Recommend Some Tips:

  • The Program Allows You to Work on Different Layers, that is, you can insert the Rectangular Grid Tool as many times as you prefer, you only have to consider the Ram Memory Capacity of your Computer, I recommend working on a single layer if you have little Memory.
  • The Drop Count Tool is used to Select the Color of the image you inserted, you only have to select the Selection Tool, then click on the Drop Count Tool and click on the color you want to Select, when you click automatically you can see the Fill color of the item you selected.┬áThen Select the Live Paint Tool and proceed to paint over the Rectangular Grid.
  • The Dimensions that I selected were those because my computer has little Capacity, and other times I did not finish the Full Pixel Art.
  • As it is about the Pixel Art Effect, the Resolution 72 pp is recommended, which is the minimum, but if it is a Vector Art I recommend the Resolution 300 pp so that your digital Art has a very good Resolution, if you want to increase its Resolution the only thing that you can get is that your image increases in size but on the disk of Your Computer.
  • For my Pixel Art I started to paint the Eyes of the Snake using the Live Paint Tool.
  • In the Color Tool by Double Clicking you can find other shades of the Same Color and select according to the Effect you want to Convey in your Pixel Art.
  • Continue Creating the Outline of the Snake’s Face until each Box is closed, then double Click in the center with the Left mouse button to get automatic painting. Before, I painted it square by square, but as they say out there, practice makes the expert!
  • Even if your document has dimensions of 100px * 100px, you can Save it according to the Size of your Preference!
  • Go to File > Save for the WEB > a Window is displayed > Preset > No Name > JPG > Quality 100% > Locate Image Size and Write Width 500 px, the Height dimension is automatically transformed > Save
  • The JPG Format is Recommended because it has less Size for the Disk of your Computer, and when Uploading to the Web it has less Kb.