Stepping into the Corporate World in Hong Kong? Learn from the Experts.

Investment in form of corporate training has always the best results. Best Corporate training in Hong Kong which is result-oriented, up to the mark of the industry need and inclusive of the changing trends of the skills required, is provided by FELIZ.

Improve the capabilities of your workforce and achieve your organizational goals faster. Develop aspects of the team, enhance productivity, enrich your workplace culture, update your workforce with all the new technologies and skills. Business communication for fetching the best clients, effective management for better performance, sales, human resource, research everything is taken care of by FELIZ Corporate training programs.

What is Corporate Training?
Corporate Training called Corporate Education or most recently Workplace Learning. It is a system of activities designed to educate employees an enhance their skills. It not only helps employers; it is also profitable for employees as it helps them obtain and hone knowledge and skills to move ahead professionally and personally.

Why Invest in Corporate Training?
A survey conducted by LinkedIn, found- 94% of employees stated that they will commit to staying in a company for longer time, if the company invested in their development. Complimenting this finding, there is the fact that 90% of top management also believe that investing in their employees’ career development is a positive investment for the growth of the company.

It helps the employees in career and personal growth. Skilled workforce is the biggest asset for an organization. Corporate training makes the employees efficient for the current roles and get them ready for the future roles as well.

Corporate training for employee, brings both career and personal development which is very important. ‘Career development’ helps them meet goals, get promoted and even get higher pays, ‘personal development’ results in work satisfaction and makes them feel valued as individuals outside of work. Organization with higher level of employee satisfaction are the ones showing high rate of growth.

Usually when company hires new employees, they take some time to understand the work, to fit into the teams and after a few months they work fiercely and remarkably contribute to the organization. For, tackling this problem of unproductivity for months it’s very important to provide them with training while onboarding. These corporate trainings in Hong Kong are the most effective technique to upskill, assess and rightly position your newly hired workforce.

Well-structured onboarding program with complementary training saves a lot of cost and also makes the workforce highly productive.

These corporate trainings can be online training course, one-on-one workshop during jobs and this helps them employer and employee both.

What is a Good Corporate Training Program?
There is no fix formula for a good training program. Every organization has their own personality. Companies are operating in different niche, different industries, their employees have different skill set and require different trainings. Hence, the best corporate training program should be the one which is design around the gaps of your employee’s skills and incorporate the desirable skills.

In a company every individual employee is different and the training they need is also different.

Following are some of the key factor’s organization or individual should keep in mind before choosing a Corporate training program in HK: –

Relevance of the training need of the skills taught utility of the content of the course.
Analyze your business first, consider the outcomes you want, recognize the future skills that your employee will need to realize the organizational goals. Choose a program that in in alignment with your organization goals.
It should be specific, goal oriented, able to bring creativity, promote innovative approach in your employees.
Also, monitor the post-training changes. If the training has been effective. It will help you monitor the workforce and recognize what else do they need.
Which is the Best Corporate Training in Hong Kong?
FELIZ Consulting, is known as the best corporate training consultant in Hong Kong. FELIZ work by the rule- LISTEN, CREATE, DELIVER and EVALUATE.

Starting from listening and understanding your organization needs, goals and beliefs. Then the most important part of creating customized courses, solution they adhere to your specific needs. These solutions deliver the results, and the goals of the corporate training is achieved. Evaluation is a must to see what else can be done, what is needed to be tweaked.

FELIZ Consulting cover the entire process and make sure your get the value.

Training programs on Communication Skills, enhancing the presentation skills of the already working employees, Management Trainings for better coordination in the entire hierarchy such amazing trainings are provided by FELIZ in Hong Kong region.

Other trainings provided by FELIZ are- Time Management, Emotional resilience, Unconscious Bias, Stress Management, Personal adaptability for better professional life.

Invest in yourself and in your employees! Goals are easier to achieve this way. Fell inspired with FELIZ Consulting by Corporate Training in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific region. We will love to hear from you and provide our valuable program to make you the best in business.