Strategies on Improving your DME Prior Authorization

More than eighty percentages of people especially the generic population require some form of DME products for living an easy life. Being vital for patient survival, however, the DME prior authorization can be really challenging for many healthcare practices. In fact, with the new technology and advancement insurances companies today have not only upgraded their PA practices but made the process more complex with multiple codes. In fact, here are the top three issues of every prior authorization process that needs attention:

  • Not all prior authorization requirements are the same – for the DME prior authorization process, the rules and regulations of the authorization process can vary significantly from each and every payor to payor. Moreover, documentation for specific DME products requires specific details this is why a vendor cannot present to a given payor for reimbursement without documentation of medical necessity required for the process. In fact, complete awareness and knowledge are required for a seamless DME prior authorization process.

  • Codes are equally important – with evolving technology and treatment solutions, it is very important to ensure the right codes for the right DME product if you are looking for a seamless billing transaction and no reimbursement delays.

  • Claims are issues – if you do not put much attention it is often seen that you miss out on timely claims submission. With through checks and follow ups, claims management requires more attention and needs to be properly managed.


Sunknowledge Services Inc a destination for DME prior authorization for decades:

This is why t is always best to hire an operational extension that knows it all like Sunknowledge Services Inc. Taking care of every process involved in the DME prior authorization process including authorization initiation, approval and follow up; Sunknowledge ensures 100% authorization submission on the same day. Taking all your headache of verification and other challenges; we further guarantee a 99.9% accuracy rate in the complete billing operation. In fact, partnering with us you further experience-

  • A reduction in your operational cost by 80%
  • No cost dedicated account manager
  • $1 million Hiscox / Geico insurance coverage for any errors of Ommission and commission
  • No Write-Offs Or Adjustment On Claims Without Your Consent

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