Stress Free Shipping of Heavy Haul Equipment

Shipping large loads is a heavy responsibility – literally every step along the way. The decisions made carry a lot of weight in terms of safety and compliance. One slip up could result in hefty fines or, in a worst case scenario, tragedy on the road. All this word play aside, delivering stress-free shipping of heavy haul equipment is a job for experienced heavy haul carriers Ontario.

What Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Provide

Companies capable of handling heavy loads are primarily responsible for things like heavy equipment shipping Canada. In layman’s terms, heavy haul shipments are usually larger and wider than typical loads handled by flatbed trucking companies. These are usually loads that exceed the regulations government ground transportation in Canada and the U.S. Given their unusual width, height, length, and weight, special equipment and permits are usually necessary for heavy haul carriers Ontario to be able to transport such loads. Heavy haul trucking companies and 3PL providers like NATS Canada have to follow a detailed course of action to be in compliance. Here are a few suggestions for companies looking to ship heavy equipment:

  • Work with an experience heavy equipment shipping Canada provider like NATS Canada to ensure you find the right trucking company. NATS Canada’s team can handle the planning, sourcing of equipment, paperwork, and the organization of escorts that include contracting police to guide the load down highways. No matter which company you work with, however, do your research to ensure they have the right insurance, the constituency to handle the job, and no outstanding claims against them.
  • Determine your complete dimensions prior to hiring. The width, height, length, and weight of your load will determine the kind of equipment you need and the permits required to be in compliance with local laws governing such loads. All dimensions will be required when the permit is filed, so there can be no changes once it’s issued.
  • Understand the challenges in getting your load on the truck. A company like NATS Canada has network of service providers that can help put your load in position using cranes, forklifts, or other equipment at both the point of pickup and the point of delivery. They will ensure each load has the proper bracing, tarping, flags, and any signage needed for the escort crew following the load.
  • Advance planning is critical to safely deliver heavy equipment shipping Canada NATS Canada works directly with all those involved in moving such loads across the country. Even in emergency situations where equipment is needed, there has to be a plan in place before anything can move. NATS Canada can deliver that plan quickly. You have to be prepared for any unexpected snags, so having a solid plan is critical.
  • Mapping the route is part of the plan. Unexpected construction zones, bridges, train tracks, uneven roads, restricted highways, traffic, and weather all play a role in what routes can be taken. NATS Canada can work with all providers to ensure the best route for your load.

No matter what type or freight you need transported, NATS Canada provides exceptional 3PL services to handle all the details involved.