Stunning Advantages of Timber Look Aluminium

Do you know aluminium timber look cladding can enhance your interior and exterior? aluminium cladding is in high demand because of its extraordinary look and durability. It is used widely in every residential and commercial construction because of its strong and non-combustible properties. It provides the natural beauty of real wood while avoiding issues such as maintaining fire protection compliance. Woodgrain aluminium provides an option for architects and designers to bring true wood aesthetics into projects that are usually impossible to achieve. By using lightweight, non-combustible materials such as aluminium, designers can avoid issues such as weight restrictions and fire protection, which may force the overall design intent to make sacrifices. Choose the reputed aluminium timber look cladding supplier depending on your project.

aluminium cladding


So, where is timber aluminium is used?

Aluminium provides a wide variety of finishes as cladding or exterior wall cladding products, and is often used in products such as,

1)      External wall

2)      Internal wall

3)      Soffit

4)      Ceiling

5)      Interior to exterior transition

6)      Areas requiring group 1 or non-combustible materials

Wood-look options are highly a popular choice because they have amazing advantages over traditional wooden slats and siding, keep on reading the blog to know more in detail!

1)      Strong and durable

Aluminium has natural corrosion resistance, which helps maintain the structure of the vehicle and increase its service life. Because aluminium is typically one-third the weight of steel, parts can be made thicker and tougher while still reducing the vehicle’s overall weight. Aluminium is particularly durable in end-use. In this way, the service life of aluminium is as long as decades, and the cut-off value of the service life of aluminium in the construction field is 60 years. The required energy combined with a long service life makes aluminium durable.

2)      Weigh less and higher resistance

Aluminium has a very high affinity for oxygen. A thin and hard aluminium oxide (or hydrated oxide in non-still water) film forms quickly when the new aluminium surface is exposed to air or any other oxidising agent. This oxidation of aluminium is what makes aluminium so resistant to corrosion.

3)      Less maintenance

There are a variety of options available in timber look options such as wood aluminium finish, real timber veneer and many more. Choose the right durable option according to your project.

winding-up: If you are looking for the high-resistant and exterior grade choice for your home renovation, hire the trusted aluminium timber look cladding supplier to choose the premium quality material. When choosing any timber options, an important aspect is the paint’s ability to retain colour. Many designers choose wooden-looking aluminium to avoid the natural aging process that wood goes through. In comparison to other wood grain powder coating rivals, long-term tests under simulated weather conditions demonstrate that wood veneer aluminium is 3 times more resistant to fading.

Share your ideas and suggestions to choose the right timber aluminium options in the comment section.

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