Styling Tips for Wearing Hats the Best Way in 2021

Hats are an attractive accessory for both men and women. Fashion has taken the global platform in recent times. You will see people wearing different attire and making an impression. Women are especially cautious of their style and appearance. They try to experiment with their dresses and impress others. Various styling accessories give a twist to the fashionable look. Accessories and especially hats are an integral part of this. However, there are some areas you have to understand before you style yourself with hats. Hats of different styles, sizes, dimensions are available in the market. Each of these has its specific appearance. Hence, you must know their texture, material, and dimension before investing your money in this accessory.


Head size


The basic rule for headwear is to go for an enormous hat if you have a large head. It seems evident that wearing large hats will cover a considerable part of your head and give a slimmer impression. People who have more giant heads make the mistake of wearing hats with narrow brims. It will not flatter your look; instead, it will make you look absurd. You must go for large-brimmed headwear if you have an oval face because it will give a different dimension to your personality. Similarly, narrow brim hats are best for small heads because they remain in place and give you a stylish look.


Face shape and features


Different types of hats look different on each person. It is very similar to the sunglasses you use. The height, width, and crown of the hat are distinct areas you will have to look into before purchasing your favorite headwear. Oval faces must go for angular hats coming with broad brims. You can take a look at fedora hats which are widely available in the market. You must take a look at the straw fedora hat that is known for its look and durability. Heart or round-shaped faces must look for hats with short brims. The beanie hat coming with a different frame and added features is best for long head individuals. Apart from this, you can go for Panama hats that are best for large faces as it compliments your look. 




Short hair, long hair, tired hair, ponytail, or bun are different hairstyles. These hairstyles require different headwear to complement the overall appearance. You can go with fedora hats if you have a high ponytail. On the other hand, baseball caps are better for a versatile and warm look. If you have long and straight hair, baseball caps are a must. The other related factors that you must consider while flaunting your hat are the occasion and weather. You can go with fedora hats in the warmer climate, while beanie hats are ideal for the chilly winter. Along with this, you must have confidence in carrying the attire and impressing others.


Wide-brimmed hats


Fedora hats come within the category of wide-brimmed hats. They are a favorite among both genders. You will see celebrities wearing these hats to avoid paparazzi. If you want to get a similar mysterious look, you must go for this headwear. Select a size that complements your overall look and fits your head. On the other hand, you must wear those accessories that compliment your personality, outfit, and occasion. Ensure that there is a balance between all the elements, or create a wrong impression.


Narrow brimmed hats


Along with wide-brimmed hats, narrow-brimmed hats are also gaining popularity. These cute hats coming with a small brim look ultra-feminine, thereby adding a mysterious appearance. There are no reasons to avoid these options when dressing in skirts, suits, and dresses.


The Beret


People believe that Beret gets reserved for individuals in uniform. However, the street style look can go with your informal parties. It adds an extra touch of style that gives you a classy look. You have to pair this up with your suit, skirt, trouser, and high heels. Also, you can choose neutral shades that go with all occasions.


Baseball caps


Another option that people often take an interest in is baseball caps. Although they have a sporty look, you may use them for formal events as well. For these reasons, women take a lot of interest in baseball caps. You must include sporty accessories to pair up with the baseball caps. Along with this, denim, jackets, sweaters, and single-colored attire are ideal to go with baseball caps.


Lastly, you must take a look at the woven hat. Casual and lightweight, the woven hats are best for your summer parties. If you want to get a versatile and mysterious appearance, you will have to pair it with your floral dresses and heels. If you wish to look unique with this headwear, you must know how to carry it.