Stylish Ways to Add a Cowhide Rug to Your House Décor

When it comes to the trend of animal print – whether it be in fashion or as house decor – people tend to either love it or hate it. There’s rarely an in between. Honestly, animal prints can be a chic and visually appealing feature when added to your residence. All it takes is a small creativity. Have you ever thought about incorporating a couple of cowhide rugs into your home decor?

What are cowhide rugs, anyway?


If you can picture the memorable spots of a cow, then you already know exactly what cowhide is and what these classically look like. Cowhide is the pattern – usually white with black or brown spots – which we learn to recognize from a extremely early age.


What can cowhide rugs do for your residence?


In universal are known to add lots of dissimilar elements to a room: warmth, color, personality, shape, texture and pattern designer cushion cover online. Opting for cowhide takes things up a notch. It’s a design selection fit for those who don’t mind going for a daring, unexpected look and feel. It’ll add a sense of present luxury in just the correct way.

Normally speaking, cow skin come in a rich combination of black or chocolate brown and snow or creamy white. These colors work wonders for complementing a warm, inviting atmosphere. From clean and contemporary to cowboy chic, you actually can make cowhide fit into just about any interior design scheme.


But how closely do you place cowhide into your existing decor? Where should they go? How should they be placed? Oh, the potential!


Spice up a neutral color scheme: It’s okay to play it safe with neutral colors throughout a space. Cowhide can be the answer to plain rooms that require a dash of the unexpected.

Create imbalance: It’s a natural inclination to place a rug straight in the middle of a room. But the shape of cowhide is inherently odd, so stay true to that leather sofa set. Place the rug at an off-center angle instead.

Think outer the box: If laying hide in the middle of the living room floor is too predictable for your taste, try incredible else. If your home has an unused or bare wall, hang a cowhide rug there instead of a boring painting or picture. That’ll get your guests talking for sure!

If the thought of using authentic cowhide in your house frightens you, don’t fear. There is plenty of faux cowhide to decide from. And keep in mind that you are not bound by the natural colors that you’re so used to seeing. Cowhide can be dyed a selection of colors to fit your own taste and to match your home existing color scheme.


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