Sunknowledge a Destination for all Orthotics Billing Services

Orthotics billing covers a wide scope of services and procedures. Orthotics medical billers are required to know coding, understand the billing process, and know the payor specific guidelines to ensure a seamless Orthotics billing operation.

However today due to the lack of resources, healthcare practices are facing many challenges resulting in financial instability.  

Challenges faced in Orthotics billing services:

With the ever changing billing rules and rising healthcare costs, the codes and specific modifiers in Orthotics billing are also constantly changing which has resulted in a unique set of billing challenges for this specialty. It does not end here; we have found that a lot of practices are finding it really difficult to conduct operational functions without implementing the latest technology for medical billing and coding procedures. In addition preparations for ICD-10, compliance to HIPAA and other reforms have put additional pressure on providers.

Common billing and coding errors in Orthotics-billing services:

  •       Missing or incorrect information during the billing process– at times missing data of the patient, mistake in the demographics information, missing of the physician’s signature prior to billing all end up as billing errors. This later result in delayed reimbursement, so accuracy is the key.
  •       Coding errors or Upcoding– it happens when incorporating wrong codes or replacing one Orthotics code procedure with another. As all Orthotics procedures have a specific code attached to them, even a single mistake result in coding errors.
  •      Duplicate billing –This refers to billing a patient more than once for the same service
  •      Problems in the verification– most of the time the insurance related information is improper or not update of the patient, resulting in problems. Thus, revised and updated information should be communicated to the emergency room medical billing organization. 
  •      Improper claims management process –A very minute error can result in claim rejection and denials, which results in deterioration in cash flow and profit of a healthcare practice.  

The Sunknowledge approach: 

With a complete understanding of the industry mandates and compliance along with other billing issues new codes, Sunknowledge Services Inc, today is the leading RCM solution serving many largest names in the industry.

Offering a streamlined process that facilitates accurate billing, our experts further ensures regular audit on all Medicare final claims. Ensuring complete operational transparency, our experts with stringent checks and balances not only maintain clinical compliance audits but further ensure a 99.9% accuracy rate in the complete process.

Working for more than a decade, we today focus more on patient care management, ensuring a better billing operation with improved ROI.

Reducing the risk of your Orthotics billing and coding errors, partnering with us will help you with a streamlined billing process and more collections.