Sunknowledge Understands The Basics of Radiology Billing

With the mounting cost in the healthcare sector, decreasing reimbursement pressure and shift in payers cause a lot of problems for radiology and its billing service. These in fact not only have an impact on the profit margin but also challenges and affect patient care.

Sunknowledge- an efficient radiology billing practice:

Offering a customized solution for more than 15+ years, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is one of the best cost-effective RCM solutions across the US. Providing a comprehensive radiology revenue cycle management to many leading hospitals, clinics, imaging centers etc throughout the US; we have aided many in increasing revenue while reducing compliance risks which is one of the issues to be worried about.

Taking care of it all, starting from the complex codes, Medicare/Medicaid and also private payer requirements with complete understanding; Sunknowledge works on your KPIs, minimizes denials and improves your bottom line. With no cost dedicated account managers checking on your financial health, we are committed to ensuring you a faster reimbursement rate and a better ROI. Furthermore, our experts with timely claims submission and denial routing also work on your loopholes as well as reduce your cost of operation by 80%. Expediting your cash flow, we give you a complete picture with the help of customized reporting according to your protocol.

With years of experienced and certified and professional coders, we are also current with every change in healthcare reform mandates and billing software helping you with a better radiology billing approach. With proficient coders and billers making sure all your documentation is correctly incorporated we also assure direct doctor office and do rigorously follow up while monitoring for every dollar. With constant follow-up, we work on 24 hrs turnaround time improving your collections rate.

If you are looking for seamless operation then we are the right professional operational extension for all your radiology billing needs so you can devote more time to your patients.