Taking Care of Tyres Is Essential: Know Why?

Drivers have often heard that car tyres are important. They also hear that tyres are as essential as the engine of a car. However, with the fact that tyres are built strong and don’t need much attention, it is easy to forget about them. This blog goes over the reasons why you should not bypass understanding your tyres.

Why Is Taking Care of Your Car Tyres Important?

Whether you are talking about Tyres Mansfield or in any other place, car tyres will always be an integral part of your car. As it is with cars, older tyres are usually prone to more accidents and slips.

See, the tyres come with treads, 1.6mm being standard. The tread depth of the tyre will help your vehicle to keep a proper grip on the roads. This also means that driving in straight lines as well as turning will improve greatly.

However, when your tyres get old, the same is not easy to find. Low tread depth leads to less tyre grip on the surfaces and the chances of slippage are increased. That set aside, your vehicle may also slip on water, which could lead to potential accidents.

Additionally, making use of the same tyres essentially means that you’re making use of old tyres. The rubber in old tyres is not usually visible to the naked eye. Deteriorating rubber could give away, and the tyre’s body could fall apart.

Also, whether you use Hankook Tyres Mansfield, Continental tyres, or any other brand, the rubber compound of old tyres will eventually trouble you with damages and punctures. Hence, it is recommended that you swap your older tyres with the new ones.

One another thing to keep in mind is that old tyres often lead to fuel inefficiency, which is one of the primary reasons why you should be changing them.

What to Know About Tyres and Their Health?

There are many ways of checking your tyres’ health. Here is a list of things and ways you can follow to keep a check on your tyres:

Tread Depths: As mentioned above, tread depths are exceptionally important for your car’s performance. A tyre with the correct tread depth will allow you to brake and stop without causing safety concerns.

  • Once two weeks, make sure to measure the tread depth. If you’re unsure of the depth, you can purchase a scale from your local shop for the inspection.
  • Tyre Pressure: Every driver should have a pressure gauge ready to use. Car tyre pressure is important. Pressure above or below the limits can lead to difficulty in making use of the vehicle. What you need to do is check the recommended value of inflation for your vehicle’s tyres and maintain them.

Weather and Tyres: Another thing to keep in mind is that if you make use of summer tyres in winters, you will ruin them. The thing is, seasonal tyres are designed with specific compounds. If you use these tyres in a different setting than what they were meant for, you will see a problem.

  • The same is the case with winter tyres. Ensure that you do not make use of winter tyres in the summers. Understanding which tyres to use during weather conditions plays an important role in maintaining tyre health.
  • Check Tyre Condition and Age: Lastly, you need to ensure that the tyre’s age and condition are on point. In most cases, tyres need to be changed every five to six years. However, if you use your car often, you will need to change your car’s tyres beforehand.
  • To know when to change them, all you need to do is perform visual checks on them from time to time.

Apart from this, remember, as per industry standards, all tyres should be discarded after ten years of service since manufacture. That is true for Hankook Tyres Mansfield as well as tyres from other brands.