Taking Into Account Shipping Delays When Sourcing PCBs

As a digital products manufacturing company, you have the responsibility of sourcing PCBs on an ongoing basis. If you want to ensure that you get a steady flow of PCBs, your PCB sourcing process should be carefully planned. You can source your PCBs from a local PCB fabrication company or from a China PCB fabrication company. Both approaches have their own pros and cons. However, the industry trend is that most of the digital products manufacturers source their PCBs from China. You do not have to worry therefore about sourcing PCBs from China. All that it needs is careful planning of the sourcing cycle.

You would have invested a lot of time in finding the best PCB manufacturer in China but despite all your efforts, you would end up facing delays in the delivery of the orders. When it comes to PCB sourcing, there could be a number of reasons why the PCB delivery is delayed. If you did not do your homework well and find the most trusted companies to order your PCBs then the supplier would delay the order. The PCB manufacturer should be large enough to meet your bulk requirements and they should be well equipped and well-staffed.

The delays you are experiencing with your PCB delivery could also be merely due to the delays in the shipping process. If you are planning your PCB sourcing cycle, you need to look for a company that offers the fastest turnaround time. The PCB manufacturer should make use of the best shipping companies to deliver your orders. In case you are sourcing your PCBs from China, then you need to take into consideration the shipping time. This will definitely much longer than sourcing your PCBs from a local manufacturer.

As long as you are not waiting for the last minute to order your PCBs, you do not have to worry about the delays in the shipping process. While scheduling your PCB sourcing cycles, you need to first understand the production capabilities of your manufacturer. To deliver your orders how long will they need per batch? Based on the actual time required by your manufacturer you should time your order. Along with this production time, you should also add the shipping time.

How frequently do you need the PCBs sourced? This will depend on your production cycle. After taking into consideration all these factors, you need to time your orders. It is best to stay one cycle ahead of your actual requirements and not wait until you exhaust all your PCB stock. So even if there are any shipping delays you will be able to still continue with your production cycle without having to stall the entire process. Look for the most trusted suppliers that are committed to delivering your PCB orders on time. Reputed China PCB manufacturers do whatever it takes to deliver the orders on time and they will not want to ruin their hard earned reputation and lose your business.

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