TCAS or Thai University Central Admission System: A New Way to Study

TCAS or Thai University Central Admission System is a central selection system for people to study in higher education institutions. TCAS has started to replace the traditional entrance exam, also known as Admission since the academic year 2018 and has been used continuously until now. TCAS aims at providing an equal opportunity of access to quality higher education for all qualified students by allowing them to apply directly via TCAS without having to go through any selective admission process based on testing their knowledge which was traditionally done by using entrance exams. TC

AS is an online application system that allows students to apply directly for higher education institutions by using TCAS.

As of 2018, TCAS has received more than 100 applications from the local universities and colleges in Thailand according to Statistics of Thai University Central Admission System (TCAS) as reported on September 26th, 2018.

TCAS’ main selling point is that it allows students to go to any higher education institution they choose. “Each youngster has just 1 right to accept the university,” so they can’t keep their choice, and with a system that is designed to provide multiple alternatives and rounds, students may study early in order of preference and save time and money. It allows students to apply for as many universities as they want, with a one-time fee of 500 baht. TCAS is designed so that the applicant can choose from 21 public and private higher education institutions where you have never been before.

The results will be announced on November 16th 2018 by Thai University Central Admission System (TCAS) and after TCAS announced the result, students can check their status online through TCAS website or official website of higher education institutions. TCAS is only one of the entrance examinations for higher education institutions, so TCAS has nothing to do with your previous scores or grades.

TCAS currently uses a computer-based test system which involves multiple choice questions in order to assess students’ academic ability and knowledge related to their major studies. TCAS will not be used as assessment criteria for students to get into one of the TCAS participating universities, all they need is minimum requirements related to their major studies.

TCAS has become an important issue for people who are looking forward to study in higher education institutions since TCAS will replace entrance exams (Admission) starting from 2018 academic year and it’s expected that TCAS’ trial testing will be held in June 2018. TCAS has to complete all the academic requirements related to their major studies, including Thai and English language proficiency scores for public universities which are required at least 560 points out of 600 possible score or equivalent grade B for each test.