Teaching in a Pandemic: Listening to Teachers Help

The pandemic has changed life for us in a lot of major ways. The shift to distance learning is just one of the many drastic changes that teachers, students, and parents have been dealing with. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of the things that have changed and how teachers are trying hard to make the situation work the best that they can. By listening to teachers, finding a way to resolve the issues brought on by the pandemic will be easier. 

Technology Upgrades

The lack of technology upgrades is just one of the many hurdles to online education. A lot of teachers have now gone back to the classroom in the sense that they’ve had to relearn new technology in order for them to teach their classes. While this has improved by leaps and bounds, it remains a fact that financial resources are needed for this. Teachers and students alike must be provided with the tools they need. If you want to be known as the best high school in Adelaide, then provide the digital learning tools that your students and teachers require. 

Training Sessions 

In some cases, schools provided the technology needed. But many teachers and students aren’t all that aware of how to use the technology. That’s why training matters. Provide the training to help students and teachers transition to a digital classroom. With training, the classes will go smoother. By teaching your students digital literacy, they have a much better chance at finding and making the most of opportunities out in the real world. 

Lack of Parental Help 

Students whose parents are essential workers don’t have the parental supervision and help that other students do. In these cases, the teachers take up the slack, teaching the kids themselves. However, this leaves teachers—who are already overburdened with work trying to keep students in class engaged—tired and running on full steam. 

Exhausted Teachers

With the added load and expectations on teachers, many are already feeling exhausted and wiped out. It’s not going to be physically possible for many of them to continue to take up so many of the responsibilities in online classrooms and learning. They need to have support. With teachers working double to fill in gaps in the learning experience, schools are driving the faculty members to the ground. If this continues further, the teachers won’t have any energy left to take on the extra work, much less their own. 

Key Roles of Parents

Parents can help by assisting their kids through the lessons and working together with the teachers. Some kids are finding it hard to cope with the changes. Parents and teachers who work together can come up with ways through which they can help the students and provide them with the best learning experience possible. With parents helping out, teachers don’t have to feel like they’re the only ones working hard to keep classes going. Schools must also take note of this fact and work hard to provide the support needed to keep their staff looked-after.