Thai Krithigai – Worship Lord Muruga

In Tamilnadu, the month of Thai (Jan-Feb) is considered very auspicious for many reasons. Many major Hindu festivals fall in this month. Some of them are Pongal, Thai Poosam, Thai Krithigai, etc. Of these, Thai Krithigai is a festival that is dedicated to the warrior lord Muruga. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The festival occurs on Krithika Nakshatra/star day in the month of Thai. Hence it is called Thai Krithigai. 

Thai is the first month of Uttarayana Punyakalam. During this time, the Sun begins to make its journey northward in the sky. This is regarded as the dawn of the Gods in heaven and an auspicious period. Krithika happens to be the Janma Nakshatra or birth star of Muruga. So Thai Krithigai has great significance for Muruga worship. Two other Krithigai days are also important – Aadi Krithigai and Periya Krithigai. 

Thai Krithigai festival is celebrated with great pomp in all the major Muruga temples in Tamilnadu, especially the Arupadaiveedus. These are the Muruga temples in Palani, Thiruchendhur, Swamimalai, Tiruttani, Pazhamudhircholai, and Thirupparankundram. 

Muruga and Thai Krithigai

Muruga or Karthikeya was born as 6 flames from the third eye of Lord Shiva, according to myth. The flames were carried to Saravana Poigai by Agni (Fire God) and Vayu (Wind God). They turned into 6 babies and floated on lotus flowers. The 6 Karthigai Pengal noticed them and began to raise the babies. Later they fused into one baby with 6 heads when Goddess Parvati embraced them. Pleased with their services, Lord Shiva turned the Karthigai Pengal into a cluster of stars known as Krithika. He also announced that those who worshipped Muruga on Krithika star day would be blessed with abundance and wish-fulfillment. 

Muruga is the deity of war and the divine commander of the gods. He was born to destroy demons like Tarakasura and Surapadma. Worshipping him brings many blessings. They include:

*Removal of obstacles and negative forces

*Achieving wisdom and knowledge

*Improves marital relationships

*Resolution of property-related matters

*Bestows leadership qualities

*Gives clarity of thought, self-confidence, and strength

Muruga and Mars Afflictions

Muruga is the deity who rules the planet of war, Mars. People who have afflicted Mars in their birth chart are likely to face many problems in life. They may face delays in marriage and childbirth. They may not have good relationships with siblings and their spouse. They may also have debts, financial losses and face property-related litigation. Hence, it is beneficial for such natives to worship Muruga. 

Many people who suffer from Chevvai Dosham worship Muruga for relief. Chevvai Dosham is a major affliction that blights the marriage prospects of a person. Apart from causing delays in marriage, it can also cause tensions and lack of harmony in marital life. Further, it causes ill-health and untimely death of the spouse. It can make a person lazy, and they may lose their parental property. They may also suffer money loss, mental problems, and face problems from enemies. 

Muruga can control the aggressiveness of planet Mars. Hence, the planet’s negative energy will not have any effect on you. Also, observing the Thai Krithigai Viratham can please Muruga greatly. He has the power to protect devotees from the adverse effects of Mars.

Mantra for Muruga

Chant the Mantra for Muruga 108 times on Thai Krithigai:

Om Som Saravana Bhava Namaha

The Mantra has the power to bless you with a winner’s mindset. It gives you a pleasing temperament that attracts others. It can bestow prosperity and remove health problems. It also resolves debts, removes problems from enemies, and destroys negative energies.

Thai Krithigai Viratham

On Thai Krithigai, people also observe a Viratham or fast. They may undertake a complete fast, not taking even water, or a partial fast where they take only fruits and water. Fasting is a way to please the gods and invoke their blessings. Many people who want to find the right life partner or have children undertake this fast. Observing Thai Krithigai Viratham can fulfill all your wishes with the help of Muruga’s blessings.