The Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy

The Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy has been available for a long time but it seems only regular spa goers are giving it a try. Those that visit wellness clinics only occasionally are missing out on a treatment that could greatly improve your wellbeing. The technique actually dates back to 1500 B.C. when it was used by Europeans, so it not as newly developed as is commonly thought. Pool Team Name

Hot stone therapy uses water-treated stones and massage therapy on specific points of the body. These points are ideal for promoting relaxation as they open up the body’s energy pathways or meridians as they are also called. These are points such as the spine, hands and feet are manipulated with steady pressure to alleviate chronic pain. The hot stones are used in this therapy to ‘pre-relax’ the tougher muscles so that they can be manipulated for a fully beneficial massage.

As well as relaxation hot stone therapy also helps in alleviating stress and pain, releasing toxins from the body and calming the psyche. The heat from the stones can also expand the blood vessels to increase the energy flow throughout the entire body which in turn helps to detoxify and stimulate the immune system, for even more increased wellness.

Hot Stone therapy may be advertised as just a relaxing treatment for while you’re at the spa, but it’s benefits go far beyond that. For better wellbeing, less fatigue and stress, not to mention a better immune system.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:
Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation
Alleviates stress
Releases toxins
Relieves pain
Improves circulation
Calms the psyche
Health Conditions Treated with Hot Stone Massage
Muscular aches and pains
Back Pain
Stress, Anxiety
Circulatory problems

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