The Best Android File Sharing Apps of 2021

Suppose you buy a new phone, but you need several files from your previous phone. Do you have enough time to transfer the files one by one using Bluetooth? Or you want to share files with your friends or family members. Sharing data has become an integral part of even owning a smart device, where sharing files with methods like Bluetooth seem ancient. 


Here is where android file sharing platform come to the rescue. File sharing apps help quickly transfer files within a few seconds, thereby saving your time. You can also share any file format using these apps. The versatile and user-friendly interface of most of these apps is what makes them quite popular amongst people. 


However, since there are several sharing apps for android, it is often difficult to make the right choice. Thus, you should know about these apps and their features to choose the one best suited for you. 



SHAREit Group is a Singapore-based company, offering their core product SHAREit as a unique digital entertainment platform and one of the best android file-sharing apps in the market. It works for nearly all operating systems, including IOS, Mac devices, windows, etc. 


Here is what you get by installing SHAREit on your phone: 


  1. Frictionless File Sharing Experience: File-sharing app does not require an internet connection. More importantly, it can transfer multiple files at a time and is entirely free of cost. Thus, you can quickly transfer several files within seconds without even draining your internet. 
  2. Security: One of the most significant reasons for the rising popularity of this app is its high security. The files are highly encrypted, which prevents chances of any data breach. The app enhances security by using sophisticated authentication engines. For instance, a user needs to enter a code before transferring the files, preventing any data breach.  
  3. Gaming Centre: What makes this app different from other generic sharing applications is that SHAREit has a unique gaming centre. This gaming centre enables users to access a plethora of gaming content and play online games. Even more, users can access the gaming centre to download games without logging in and share them with their peers. 
  4. HD Content: SHAREit has a plethora of regional content, videos, gaming videos, etc. It also has a fully-fledged video player, giving users control over how to consume these videos. Moreover, you can download and view the videos later. 



It helps you to choose the best android file sharing app for you. Remember, while you select an app for transferring files, you should ensure that your phone supports the app and does not face any difficulty during file transfers.