The Best Destination for Heart Surgery and Treatment

Given the heart’s never-ending workload, it’s a wonder it performs so well, for so long, for so many people. But it can also fail, brought down by a poor diet and lack of exercise, smoking, infection, unlucky genes, and more. drow names dnd

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Given the heart’s never-ending workload, it’s a wonder it performs so well, for so long, for so many people. But it can also fail, brought down by a poor diet and lack of exercise, smoking, infection, unlucky genes, and more.

Unfortunately, more than 80% of the population is dealing with the problem of heart disease.At the time where When medication and catheter-based treatments do not relieve your symptoms then cardiac surgery may be your only option for treatment for a range of heart conditions.

There are several reasons behind it some of the genetic reasons and some of the medical reason. Many people think that if they are dealing with the genetic heart disorder so there is no option for the solution of it. Facing such thoughts can be a frightening experience. On the other hand, either the heart-related problem is genetic or medical we have the options for the heart treatment

Low treatment costs and high levels of expertise have made India a leading destination for heart treatment for people from abroad countries.

Hospitals in India are one of the best choices for heart surgery. With the latest technology, advanced infrastructure and the best cardiac surgeons on board, the Indian cardiac hospitals deliver the most efficient cardiac treatment that you deserve.

The Center of Surgery at Apollo Hospitals is considered to be the Hospital in India.Centre of excellence provides a wide spectrum of options for heart treatment in India with superior clinical outcomes. With state of the art infrastructure, technology, and clinical expertise, thousands of International patients visit Apollo Hospital for undergoing heart surgery in India.

Why require heart surgery?

The Best Destination for Heart Surgery and Treatment
The Best Destination for Heart Surgery and Treatment

Cardiac surgery is used to treat people who have certain heart diseases and conditions. If other treatments—such as lifestyle changes, medicines, and medical procedures—haven’t worked, heart surgery may be an option. Cardiac surgery is used to treat heart failure and coronary heart disease. It’s also used to fix heart valves that don’t work right, to control heart rhythms, and to replace a damaged heart with a healthy one.\


For example, it’s used to:

  • Fix heart valves that don’t work well
  • Replace a damaged heart with a healthy one

·         Bypass or widen blocked or narrowed arteries to the heart

·         Implant devises to regulate heart rhythms

·         Destroy small amounts of tissue that disturb electrical flow through the heart

·         Make channels in the heart muscle to allow blood from a heart chamber directly into the heart muscle

·         Boost the heart’s pumping power with muscles taken from the back or abdomen


Wondering why considering heart surgery in India?

Some of the specialized procedure is only available in Heart surgery India due to the following reasons:


Expertise: The Indian cardiac surgeons are some of the best surgeons in the world who have years of experience and have performed thousands of cardiac surgeries. Surgeons are trained from various institutes and hospitals in India and abroad and hold thorough knowledge in cardiology.

Affordability: The rates of heart treatment are 1/10th to 1/15th times lower as compared to the United States and Britain.Being one of the best medical tourism countries, India provides you with the best hospitals and doctors for your treatment at a cost which is two to three times lesser than what you will be charged elsewhere.

Services: The cardiac Hospitals in India hold numerous advanced laboratories, multiple operation theatres, advanced cardiac life-support ambulances, ICUs, blood banks, along with numerous beds and luxurious suites, wifi, and multi-cuisine cafeteria.

Basic facilities: Indian Hospitals help in an arrangement of medical visa, to and fro airport service, accommodation, meals, an appointment with the surgeon, lab tests etc.

Professionalism: Hospitals here maintain highest ethics in providing effective treatments and the procedures.

What is the Cost of Cardiac Surgery in India?

India has no parallels in healthcare when it comes to cost-effective treatments in comparison with other countries. Significant cost differences exist among the US, the UK including  South Asian countries. That makes India a famous destination when it comes to reasonable medical treatments. No matter what procedure you undergo, you are sure to save 75% to 95% of healthcare costs.

  • Cost, one of the major reasons for choosing heart surgery in India.
  • Huge discounts available with medical tourism countries offering excellent heart surgeries at best hospitals in India
  • Cost-effective treatment has lead to an exodus of many medical tourists from western countries to India.


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