The Best Kindergarten School In Dubai – A First-Hand Review

Dubai is quite literally the centre of the world. It is the global juncture of east and west. Just about 3 decades ago it was a barren place with the desert seeping into every inch of the place. Before anyone knew it, oil was discovered and it turned into the land of opportunities, the land of wealth. Needless to say, cultures and families all across the world flocked to Dubai with one goal in mind. That goal was to make it big. 

Once families moved to Dubai, the need for supportive facilities rose and simultaneously rose the requirement for quality international and kindergarten schools. An Indian by the name of Atul Temurnikar saw this requirement while he was busy opening up an international school in Singapore and decided to open up a specialised international school in Meydan, Dubai. The USP of this school was going to be the fact that it used the methods of the famed educationist and researcher, Maria Montessori and tweaked it in order to suit the growing needs of modern education. Inculcating new tech in learning tools made the Global Indian International School stand apart from the then available kindergarten schools. 

In fact, to go one step further, Atul spoke to a group of educationists and drafted a 5 Pillar plan based around Montessori education. The 5 pillars made sure to cover both abstract and direct aspects of education in children. Let us have a look at them –


  1. Excelerate’ Programme

With expert and experienced faculties recruited solely to focus on improving the remarkable elementary level skills of students like literacy, numeracy, and language fluency, the kind of curriculum offered is well-structured for nurturing listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills thereby accelerating the fluency skills and calculative skills to boost numeracy skills. The term excelerate is short for accelerating excellence in every form.


2. Multi-faceted Learning

In a Montessori nursery dubai, the best learning methodology is employed at GIIS, it is called Thematic learning wherein the talents of all students is recognized and moulded as per global standards. Outdoor activities like field trips and special events are conducted in order to groom the personality, character traits, physical ability, and intellectual skills of the students. The qualified teachers at GIIS ensure that all children are given unique opportunities on the basis of these outstanding activities.


3. iPlay Programme

Any kind of learning at a Montessori school and thus play has a pivotal role in any child’s growth. GIIS being a renowned Montessori school Dubai gives the same importance to the physical, social, emotional aspects as to and cognitive aspects. The GMP or Global Montessori Plus curriculum is well-designed to fulfil the best of learning for all students. The teachers are experts in childcare and encourage them to participate and interact with the peer students in order to establish their physical and mental capabilities. Students here are given exciting opportunities to choose among their activities that help them inculcate skills like independence, cooperation, and management.


4. iCare Programme

A school like GIIS Dubai focuses on academics, physical attributes, and building the key universal values of students. The unique curriculum that they offer- Global Montessori Plus Program teaches students necessary awareness of the environment and community. Students work in unison in helping them develop excellent social and emotional characteristics through their inclusion in activities like green initiatives, charity drives, community mingling, and more.


5. Future Ready Programme

Technology being at the head of GIIS kindergarten, prepares the foundation for Next Generation learning at a tender age for learners. An exemplary GMP program too gives a live experience to students in STEAM-related subjects. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths. Students are trained keeping in mind a well-structured curriculum that hones their creative, innovative, and critical thinking faculties through active participation and seamless association.

So all in all, if you are looking at the best of kindergarten schools in Dubai then GIIS should be an ideal option to look at before you go on to other options. Another major reason to choose GIIS is that it is not an independent kindergarten school but is a fully fledged academic journey till grade 12, saving you from the mess of looking for more schools.